Prodctive day…

I confess to being a list maker.  I will make myself a list of things I want or need to get done in a weekend.  I’m always over ambitious on the projects and under estimate the time it will all take. 

On my list – don’t worry I won’t bore you with the entire thing – I had three writing projects to work on, some household stuff, and some crocheting stuff.  Just writing that down, my inner voice is saying – are you nuts?  That’s too much to do in one weekend.  Maybe…

It was a good day today.  I got edits for 17 more chapters on the computer.  At the same time I’m working on a chapter summary to see where I can consolidate and edit out some of the details in my too long manuscript.  I edited an essay and submitted it for consideration.  I’ve not gotten to the third writing project but I’ve been a bit busy so far.

In addition to the writing stuff, I got the crocheting stuff done that I needed to.  I made some small gifts for my student workers.  They are all organized and ready to go.  Hopefully Ken will wrap them for me tomorrow.  I need to make labels for each one… that was not on my list.

It is silly, I know but I LOVE being able to cross things off my list.  It makes me feel good.  The list is a tool to keep me on track.  Now I am not so far gone that if I deviate from my list I get upset or annoyed (well mostly I don’t). 

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  There isn’t a lot planned for the day.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a lot done tomorrow too.  Maybe I’ll be able to cross off everything on my list… okay that won’t happen but maybe I’ll come really close.

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