Mother’s Day

With it being a national holiday everyone is touting how great mother’s are.  We are.  However, I don’t want to talk about motherhood.  I want to talk about my daughters.  Without them this day would have little meaning to me.

Motherhood came to me unexpectedly.  It took me over and rousted me from my own childhood.  I went from a self centered, careless teen to a young woman with a daughter.  My daughters were not planned.  They all came at times when we were not expecting them.  The blessing of their existance just happened to us. 

When I think of my daughters, I think of the strong, independent, lovely young women they are.  I see in them the potential and accomplishments.  I see more than that, maybe this is just what being a mom is but… I see the infant who kept me up for nights on end with colick.  I see the clinging two year old who didn’t want mom to leave.  I see the little girl who chased after her sisters rushing to catch up to and be in the middle of all they were doing. 

All of the stages the girls went through, all of the what they have been is in the confident young women they are.  I see the pain of loss, the love they have for each other and the world.  In them I see wonder and joy.  I see turmoil, temper, argumentativeness, and a need for acceptance on their terms. 

I’ve often emailed out mom bragging moments.  Today on Mother’s day, I keep thinking of my girls and how proud I am of them.  They are amazing.

I never planned to have children back in my teen years.  I’m so glad that they came along and changed those plans.  They are what made me a great mom. 

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