Productive Day

Yesterday I got two manuscripts ready to start the production process.  I’ll see how far I get with them today.  Time alone in the morning meant I focused on the Defenders of the Land manuscript and after Ken went to bed I worked on Wayfarer Clans.  Both of these are second books in series.

This morning I submitted a story to a contest.  I read the description and immediately thought of  story I had already written so I jumped on it before I could forget.  I also updated my spreadsheet where I keep track of what has been submitted and where I’ve submitted things.

I’m up early on a Sunday which I don’t like but if I’m going to be up, I might as well get stuff done.  I have four big steps to go to finish the two manuscripts for publication.  Last night after I’d shut down for the night, I realized I didn’t fix one of my issues with one of the manuscripts so I need to do that this morning before I forget again.

Cover, production, and the synopsis that I have to write those are on my agenda today.  Depending on how long it takes me to do all of them, I may be able to publish this week.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I still have a 350 page manuscript to get edits into the computer.  It is a first edit for one of my stories so it will be enter, search for words I over use, do a spell check, and print again.  I will need to do a second edit and try to figure out a cover for it.

On top of all of these tasks, I’m still working on three manuscripts.  I’m at a point in all three where I’m considering what comes next.  For the one, I know how it will end and have five to seven scenes I know I want to write.  But I feel like I need two or four scenes more before I can get to those final scenes.  I’ve got one extended scene and a short scene in my head but haven’t quite figured out if that will be enough to lead up to the final scenes.  I just need to write the two and see where it puts me and how well it lines up for the final grouping.

As it is Sunday, Ken will be watching football most of the day so I should get plenty of writing time.  I’ll see how motivated I feel to work on all the above tasks once I’ve had a chance to wake up.

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