Puma Pride

A shifter fated mate romance with a touch of mystery, danger, and intrigue.

Bears and Panthers; Hounds and Horses

Shifters don’t trust humans. Humans have experimented and tortured them. They’ve taken their children. Now the shifters are in charge, things are better except shifters don’t trust humans.

Jolyn, a human, finds teens hurting a shifter girl and stops them. Taking her home, they are attacked again but this time by another shifter group. When Minnie’s parents show up, Jolyn knows the Puma Pride could blame her for what happened to the alphas’ daughter. The black panther, the Pride’s enforcer, winds around her but she knows to stand up for herself. She’s not prey.

Brady, enforcer to the Puma Pride, is drawn to the woman who had his niece, Minnie. She smells of lilacs and Brady wants her. If his alphas order it, he’ll be the one to put her down. But his cat doesn’t want to hurt her, he wants something more.

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