Return from Vacation

While I had guest bloggers covering two weeks ago, I was on vacation and getting a ton of homework and other things done.  I enjoyed my very productive week off work. 

I haven’t enjoyed my return from vacation.  It was the week from hell at work.  There were miscommunications, registration issues, problems and more problems.  I’m used to that, I try to just go with it but for some reason this last week I just wanted to throw something against the wall. 

Perhaps my wonderful vacation took me too far out of work mode and I just got out of the habit of dealing with all the issues.  Nope I just think it was a crummy week.  It wasn’t like there were big things – just a lot of little ones.  One of which was the fact that for three of the five days my computer had to be worked on.  They upgraded my system from XP to Windows 7.  I like the new system but for some reason they couldn’t get my second monitor to work.  Finally on Wednesday, I had two IT guys in my office attempting to get it to work.  Since it worked Thursday and Friday I’m hoping that it is fixed.  I’m not holding my breath though. 

This weekend I spent working on homework and managing life.  I paid bills, worked on gifts for people, homework – did I mention that already? – and a bunch of other things.  I feel like I’m glued to my computer and in my head.  That is probably the problem – I’m too much in my head thinking about things.

Oh and my crappy luck wasn’t any better at home.  I took Vicki to the grocery store and sat in the van reading homework waiting on her.  I had the radio on with the key turned to the battery position.  Thirty minutes into it my radio stops working and I think damn now what’s wrong?  I try to start the van – it gives the lovely clicking that I dreaded hearing.  Now I’m parked in on two sides and have the cart return on the other side.  I’m thinking how the hell is Ken going to jump my van if I’m parked in.  I call him and he is annoyed with me.  I say the van should be able to handle the radio for thirty minutes.  Fortunately right before he gets there the guy in front of me pulls out and Ken pulls in.  He hooks up the battery cables, turns on his engine, and tells me to try it.  The engine popped right off.  I left it running the rest of the time I was waiting.  I hope this isn’t a sign of how the coming week will be.

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