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⛓REVELATIONS by Rebecca Rathe⛓ is a DARK why choose romance about torture, brutality, and overcoming prejudice to save the world.

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*. ⋆🥀WhyChoose

*. ⋆🥀Growly Shifters

*. ⋆🥀Possessive Demons

*. ⋆🥀Tortured Succubus

*. ⋆🥀Mind Control

*. ⋆🥀Fate of the World

*. ⋆🥀So Much Heat

*. ⋆🥀Dark Romance

⛓Diya Steele, born of violence and condemned to the prejudice of heaven and hell alike, wanders the earth consumed by fear. Fear of the realms determined to kill her, and fear she will hurt innocents if she ever loses control.
⛓The Dzhavo, a fearsome team of elite demons, are ordered to capture Diya and bring her in to face the Legion. Instead, they keep her for themselves, determined to get answers from her by any means necessary. Fighting through their lust with brutality, they discover nothing is as it seems.
⛓With Earth caught in the crosshairs of a war between realms, Diya and the Dzhavo must find a way to work together to save the world.
⛓How far will Diya go to save the worlds that branded her as an abomination? Will the Dzhavo be able to overcome the lies they’ve been told and trust the one person that might save them all?
⛓Is a relationship built on fear and desire strong enough to keep them fighting for each other, or will their prejudices keep them from stopping the evil that threatens the world as they know it?

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