I know that my alarm goes off at 5:30 every morning.  I hit my snooze and am out of bed by 6:06 almost every morning (sometimes I take an extra 9 minutes).  Unless I’m on vacation, this is my routine – boring, normal, typical, routine for the evilness morning is – so not a morning person. 

Last night I saw 10:00 pm hit the clock on my computer.  I said to myself – no more than an hour more. I have to get some sleep for work in the morning.  The next time I look at the clock it is nearly 11:40.  I haven’t gathered anything for work.  I’ve not gotten my purse together, thought about what needs to be gotten organized for the morning.  I’ve just been lost in my writing. 

I know the alarm will have a death sentence in the morning because I’m not going to make it into bed before midnight.  Yet I still look at the clock and where I am in the manuscript.  The question on my mind – Do I dare delve back into writing?  That’s crazy right?  6 am is early and mornings suck…

My creative flow on this story is fabulous.  I can’t seem to type fast enough.  When the words slow to a trickle, I have only to go take a nap and suddenly I’m filled up with words.  That’s the other thing, when I sleep I dream of the story.  When I drive I’m analyzing what I’ve written. 

Today on the way home I kept turning over a scene I’d written last night.  There was something about it that wasn’t right – I knew it when I wrote it.  It wouldn’t let me be and suddenly as I’m driving down the highway cursing a putzy driver, the solution presents itself.  I’m so focused on figuring out the details of reworking this one scene I can’t find my own house (yes I am a dork)… I turn on my road on auto pilot and suddenly I realize I don’ t know where my house is.  Fortunately I didn’t drive passed it.

I come in the house and my daughter has made cookies and lasagne for supper.  I tell her how great it smells and that I’ll be back because I have to fix this scene.  When she calls out that supper is done, I am stunned that I’ve been sitting at my computer long enough for her to assemble and bake lasagne…

I’ve fixed the scene.  It is so much better now, funnier and a better fit.  I’ve written another scene and I’ve made some decisions on the next set of scenes.  I’m excited about them and I can’t wait to write them. 

So why am I writing in my blog?  Well a friend told me she was going to call.  I don’t want to get interrupted in the middle of a scene so I’m taking a break and waiting for her call.  Oh yeah and let me not forget – I want to talk to her as we haven’t had a lot of time together lately…

Somehow I think it is going to be a very short night again….

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