Royal Undercover

New today!  Royal Undercover has been released this morning!  Here’s the synopsis:

Mel Breuer is a supply officer and nothing else. Until a request to report to the security office on Space Station Joplin reveals her real identity. Demands from her large family change her life and drop her in the hands of John Vellum a professional protector. Her other life taught her to trust no one – ever. 

Former military, John Vellum is a Protector. He protects the elite. The elite can be difficult but John knows a firm hand will keep his clients safe but Mel is not what he expects. 
The danger to her life is real and imminent. While trying to keep her safe, he learns she is spunky, vulnerable, and sexy. Amidst kidnapping attempts and other threats, John’s desire leads to something deeper if he can only get her to trust him.

This is available on Smashwords and Amazon for now.  It’s available in ebook and paperback!  

This one popped into my head and wrote up fairly well.  It’s a little different from what I normally write.  I hope the reader’s like it.  Keep an eye out for the next Wayfarer (August) and a sequel to Wild Magic(in editing)!

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