Today is going to be another rest and relax day.  Tomorrow starts another stressful week with lots of meetings, faculty, students, and people in and out of my office.  I’ll probably have more people in my office in a half a day than I did all summer.

I’m working on a crochet pattern and plan to finish it today.  I’m hoping it turns out all right but I have to do math so I’m sure the next part will be a bit frustrating.  Math and I don’t always see eye to eye.  Once that is done, I have a short list of things I want to work on.  I’m going to see if I can convince Ken to watch movies with me.

I spent last night being a bum.  Crocheting was too much effort so I read through a few different things.  The thing is I woke up this morning with a scene I want to include in Wayfarer 11.  I’m mid-scene and not sure where it’s going – though the more the scene I want to write sits in my head the more it firms up what I think will happen.  Sometimes I just have to let my characters sit and stew before they tell me what’s next.

While I am taking the needed R&R, I plan to try out a few other patterns.  This will lead to what I call my ridiculous electronics.  The other night I was crocheting a new pattern so I had my phone to take pictures, my tablet to write the pattern, and my netbook to watch a class on Craftsy.  I laughed at myself for all the electronics but didn’t shut a single one down.

If Ken doesn’t watch movies with me today, I’ll probably do the same.  Watch a Craftsy class while I work on my projects.  I’ll have the tablet and phone available so I can create new patterns.  I know it is ridiculous but it’s easier than using pen and paper because I can email it to myself and don’t have to take the extra step of typing it up.

The point of today is resting.  Tomorrow will be busy with training student workers, meetings and the first week of classes starting at my day job.  This week will be busy with more of the same.  Today is all about relaxation!

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