The Good and the Bad

The good and bad part about visits from the girls is they always go home.  It’s good I get back to my routine, my privacy, my quiet.  The bad part is they are gone.

Vicki was here over the weekend.  It was a busy and great weekend with her home but at the same time, I’m exhausted.  We spent Friday shopping at different places and being together.  Saturday was all about errands and being together.  Sunday was about relaxing a bit.  Today she went home.

She came home and I had some dishtowels done for her.  She left with five new blankets (fleece with crocheted edging), dishtowels (six in all), a doily, and wristers.  It was fun to finally try out the technique on the blankets and I’m glad she got the blankets she wanted.  I have one more to do – for Ken.  I’ll probably work on it next weekend.  The picture of the doily doesn’t do it justice.  The yarn is VERY sparkly and packer colors.

The dishtowels were all made with scrap yarn.  She said she wanted more and I said what colors.  She said she didn’t care.  I said scraps, she said sure.  I think she liked them.  They are all different.  There are five in the picture but I made her another one last night after we were done painting.  I was so tired it took me hours longer than it should have.

I’ve not thought about my writing (much) or done any writing, editing, or promotions.  I’ve spent the weekend with her.

I finally got to try the egg muffin technique for cooking.  Vicki fried up onions, peppers, and bacon.  I assembled.  The recipe turned out good.  Next step is to see how well they reheat.  At some point today, I have to do my yogurt for the week as well.  I’ll have to remember to do it before I settle in for the night tonight.

The busy weekend means I’ll probably spend today with my feet up so my legs are ready for work this next week.  My legs are hurting – partly because of the activity and partly because of the weather.  This means I make it a point to sit in my recliner with them up and probably under a heated blanket.

I’m tired so I think it will be a quiet day – maybe working on a project I don’t need to think about while I watch a new obsession.  Vicki wanted to watch something but we didn’t want to fuss with finding something.  She suggested Big Bang Theory so we watched nearly the full first season and part of the second season.  Maybe I’ll pull out the next project and watch several of those episodes.  They make me laugh.  Last night we were watching an episode and I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe.  It was hilarious.

Labor day weekend has flown by for me.  I’m so happy Vicki was home and got to see some people.  I’m equally glad we got her here.  But now, I need a nap.  Even though it is going to be a three day week for me (I have Friday off), I have the feeling it is going to be a long week.

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