It is official – to a point.  I am definitely going to school in the fall.  I’ve had my advising session.  It was okay.  I thought I’d get more direction and more input on the classes I need to take but I didn’t.  I was told to email professors to see if they’ll allow me into classes that have closed. 
I’ve emailed two professors already and am waiting to hear.  One already said no.  The other I’m still waiting on.  Of course I want an answer NOW but I’ll be patient.  The web based section turned me down.  I’m waiting to hear from the night class teacher to see if he will let me in to the writing class I really want to take.  If that doesn’t work out I’ll see what other classes I can get in to.     
If I can get into two night classes then I don’t need to adjust my schedule at all.  If not – I’ll try for classes I can get into and just adjust my work schedule.  Mostly it will mean I’ll be working longer on Fridays. 
Next semester should be easier as I’ll be able to register early and not have to stress over what classes are open. 
Next hurdle to clear will be the financial aid stuff.  I’ve asked my advisor to send off an email to the person in financial aid who needs it and to CC me on it.  I’ll wait a day or two to see if she does it.  If not, then I’ll zip her off an email. 
Once all of that is in place, I’ll be set for going to school in the fall.  It will be a bit odd I think but I’m also looking forward to the writing classes.  It will be fun to take classes and fine tune my skills.  With any luck it will help me get a book or two published and/or pick up a part time job for editing.
Come September, I’m going to be a college student again… how weird is that?

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