Lunch hour

During lunch today I spent my time figuring out a schedule.  I ate quickly and then got down to figuring out what classes I want to take when. 

It looks like if I do just two classes a semester I’ll be in school for four years.  This means that I’ll be 51 when I graduate and a lot more money in debt.  The next thing I’ll be looking at is how much I can pick up during the summer sessions and if I can save enough from one year of financial aid to pay for another year. 

My biggest concern now – not surprising – is the cost of going to school.  Financial aid will be all loans.  I do think I might qualify for some scholarships but because I already have one degree it narrows the opportunities.  The question becomes how much in debt do I want to go.

If the money falls into place, I’m looking forward to taking classes and being challenged to think and write in different ways.  I’m looking forward to refining the skills I have and sharpening them.  Hopefully in the long run this will lead to a profitable second job / later in life career. 

I’m going to be a writer.  I might as well have the degree to go with it.  Hopefully it will assist me in making my hobby into something more.

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