Shadows in Death – Review

3.5 stars – good but not great book

This book is better than a three but not quite a four – 3.5 really describes it best. I like the interaction between Roarke and Dallas. Yes, I know they’re married but in this book there seemed to be more equality and more acceptance of how they both don’t like certain things but even though they didn’t like it, they still did it – so the other had some peace of mind. Robb’s writing is spot on – as usual. The plot was different. This was a really slow start and I struggled to read it. The case was solved early – too early in my opinion. Then the shift in the action went to the other plot line. In between – it dragged. Normally I read these books in two nights. This one took me longer than normal and I felt no compulsion to read it. Post read – I enjoyed it but it wasn’t memorable. Robb makes it clear that Roarke and Dallas have created a family around them who stand up for them and stand with them. This was nice to explore. It was also nice to have a slightly different approach to their marriage and the case. This is a good story, worth reading but nothing grabbed me about it.

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