Slip and Fall

Last night we had a wonderful time at the Chancellor’s house for dinner.  It was great to meet people I didn’t know and to get a nice meal.  We sat around talking about almost everything.  I was amused at one point in the conversation when two men (husbands of two in the conversation) were talking about how good it was women here in the states had the choice to have children and a career.  The three women in the conversation were all like yeah but not always and not really.  I could see the women wanted to argue about it but we were all trying to be polite.  It was stimulating conversation and a pleasant evening. 
However, it was also a tough night for my knees because we did a lot of standing around.  When we left I asked Ken to drive as my knees were bugging me.  This was my downfall.  We got home and he stopped to let me out before he pulled in the garage.  There are several factors leading to us not being able to park in the garage and have the passenger get out.  We have too much crap in our garage – it is a project and we are working on it.  We have a minivan which is bigger than cars and the garage was built before mini vans.  We have a car in the other half of the garage.  All of this led to Ken stopping just outside the garage to let me out.
I was careful as the ground was wet.  Put one foot down and it was fine.  Got out of the van, shut the door, took one step and bam down on my right knee and hand.  Ken was baffled why I fell until he got to my side of the van and realized there was a patch of ice about four foot square.  It would have been funny to watch me trying to get up on the ice.  Eventually I slid down the drive until I got to just wet pavement then hoisted my bum up off the ground.  I stepped over on the grass.  Ken hurriedly scattered salt on the icy patch and then held out his hand so I could step from grass onto dry pavement. 
Hurt like hell!!!  Ken took good care of me though.  I got to my recliner and got my leg up.  He brought me an ice pack and glass of water.  I spent three hours with the ice pack on.
Today – well I hurt everywhere.  However, I think the knee is in better shape than if I hadn’t iced it.  I did manage to make it to work.  Vicki helped by crawling out of bed long enough to make my lunch.  Alicia rode to work with me today just in case the sidewalks here were slippery.  She also helped me get down to the lunch room.  My student workers – Danielle and Gail – fetched for me.  They got me water and took care of all the things requiring legs. 

Even though I splatted last night – I want to say thank you to everyone who helped and offered up concern today.  I’m sure I’ll be sore for a few days but I’ll live…

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