Good Things!

The transcription job went well and I’ve been asked to do more.  This is wonderful.  I also got a new inquiry for what sounds like a very interesting job.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get that job as well.  It might be longer term and a good bit of money. 
I did have one concern because it is for the university I work for.  I asked my boss about it but she said it isn’t in my job description to do what they are asking so I can do it as a consulting job with no qualms about crossing any lines.
In other news – (that sounds so official) I got two of the required classes waived.  After talking to one of my professors, I realized two of my classes I’d already done the work for them in my work, education, and writing life.  I sent along a professional, detailed letter to the chair of our department.  I got notified today that she will be waiving the two classes I wanted waived!  This means I can either finish a semester earlier or I can take two additional classes that might get me further in my goals.
My new blog got published today again.  Check it out.  There are some great pictures there.  I’m really proud of this blog and the pictures.  Okay I know they aren’t professional looking pictures but I took them and for the most part they look really good.
It has been a bonus day!
Shout out to all my international readers – Germany beat out even my US readers so guten Abend and danke (that is probably the most I remember from my failed attempt at learning German – i.e. 1 semester of college German)  

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