Snow Day.. and the fall out…

Yesterday was a snow day and I did NOTHING.  I have a long list of writing and household things I want to work on.  I did none of them.  I sat in my recliner and watched DVR stuff.  I cuddled with Ken.  I was a bum. 

Now I feel like a person again, though today was difficult because work was just not flowing.  I wanted to get stuff done and have my student workers get stuff done.  It didn’t go so well. 

Hopefully next week with the new workers will go well.  I have two new students who both seem eager to work and dig in.  I’m hoping they are hard workers and have the skills needed to get work done.  I’ll see what happens. 

I’m hoping that the bum day yesterday will give me enough down time that this weekend I can get a number of things done.  I’d like to get my office cleaned and rearranged, perhaps move a few things into the craft / work out room. 

I’m also going to be working on taxes this weekend.  I have at least three people who want me to work on their taxes so that will keep me busy. 

I’m also hoping to have some writing time.  I’m hoping that I can finish the chapter I’m working on and move forward.  I’ve been a bit stuck – not in knowing what I want to write but in being motivated to write.  I’ve done a lot of journaling and that helps me move forward.  Now though is the time to go back to the manuscript and finish the chapter and keep going forward with the story.  The thing is I still see the picture in my head of how the scene will play out and the longer I wait the more details fill in.  It will come as I need it to I know…

Last day of work tomorrow.  I’ll be taking mom to the doctor.  I’ll be hanging out with her for a while until Alicia comes to pick her up.  Then I’ll have to see what mischief I get up to…

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