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I dvr a number of shows and skim through them.  I like talk shows like the View and the Talk.  I was skimming through an episode of the Talk and watched an interview with LL Cool J.  Now the man is a fine looking man and easy on the eyes.  I did not know that he was married (not a big follower of celebs) or that he had four kids.  He was impressive – and I’m not talking about his body or his looks.  He came on the show bringing gifts to each of the hosts.  This was very gentlemanly – even if it was a plug for his wife’s jewelry line.  It put a smile on all of the women’s faces. 

Then he talked about his wife and kids.  He was loving, proud, sweet, and amazingly mushy.  Now that may sound like he was effeminate but he definitely wasn’t.  All of these women were drawn to his quiet strength and his love of family.  It was a turn on in the best way. 

This man was strong enough and confident enough to come on this show and discuss family seriously.  He showed his softer side and it was impressive.  There are many men out there who are willing to love and cherish who don’t care if the world knows it.  These men are the ones women need to embrace. 

I also watch 16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom and have serious issues with the tolerance our teenage girls have for abusive and cheating boys.  The girls get pregnant and have to get serious about taking care of baby but the boys disappear.  Where are the parents of these boys to say – you played now you pay.  Get a job and pay for diapers, formula, clothes, etc.  Be there to take your turn caring for the baby so the mom can study and finish school so she can get a job too.  Where are the parents when it comes to these young men?  If these young men are dead beat dads at 16, 17, 18 – how are they going to be anything but deadbeat all their lives? 

I’ve had wonderful examples of men in my life.  My father and husband have given me amazing examples of loving men.  To see a celeb come out and speak so eloquently and lovingly was a pleasure.  LL Cool J was confident enough to speak from the heart.  I wish more men would express that confidence and have that respect / love for family.

2 thoughts on “Strong Men

  1. LL Cool J is what I would describe as a alpha male. They tend to be soft spoken, but when they speak, their words carry a strength that few other men can compete with. They don't have to prove anything to anyone. They know who they are and they embrace it with pride. They also have a great air of confidence and integrity that just kind of oozes from them. Certainly not bad attributes to aspire to and they generally make tremendous role models.

    I am very very happy to say that the Goddess in all her amazing magick has given me back my alpha male and I am amazingly in ecstasy living with him once again in Florida. I had seen this many years ago in a dream and I remember how that dream stood out, but when we parted ways and I moved to another state, I didn't realize how magick works. I thought all was lost and after years of anguish, picked up my life and began again only to be shown that nothing overcomes the elements of spirit, nothing. Now I am blessed with someone that loves me as much as LL Cool J loves his family. Blessings are truly wonderful.

  2. Congratulations! I'm happy to hear you have found happiness and peace in your life. I agree with you that alpha men are that way. The confidence of him was very attractive, almost hypnotic. I'm sure he and his wife have their moments (as do all married couples). His honesty and integrity truly were commendable.

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