30 Pieces of Silver

30 Pieces of Silver
Short Story Collection
by Michael Essington
noir, supernatural

About the book

30 Pieces of Silver is a collection of short stories by Michael Essington, published in 2018. The collection deals largely with drinking, women, gambling, and writing. It is an important collection that establishes Essington’s minimalist style and his thematic oeuvre. 30 Pieces of Silver is comprised of nine stories and twenty-six poems. All dealing with themes of hell on Earth, noir with a twist of the supernatural.

About the Author

Michael Essington is an American author and poet, most famous for his Mike Check column. Over the years, Essington has done dozens of celebrity interviews, as well as hundreds of music reviews. The weekly Mike Check column, which appears in Strange Reaction, and the very popular Deep Red Magazine. Essington’s column is read weekly by thousands of fans from Los Angeles to Singapore to Denmark.

As an original member of the early Los Angeles punk rock scene, Essington was a member of several bands and later a popular flyer illustrator.

Essington has written since his high school days. He lives with his wife, Elizabeth, son Lucas.


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