Short Story part 4

Done! I finished it very late on August 31 but slept - finally. The final word count 16469 - yup over. This is not uncommon for me because I refuse to cut short the story at a word count. It means in the editing phase - I'll be cutting if it's chosen. As of 3 … Continue reading Short Story part 4

Short Story Progress

By September 1st, I need to finish a holiday romance short story which is between 3,000 and 15,000 words. I started it two weeks ago. Up until today, I had 717 words written. I've got the premise and my two lovebirds but I hadn't gone much beyond that. Tonight when I should have been thinking … Continue reading Short Story Progress

Maggie Blackbird

Thanks to You by Maggie Blackbird Genre: Contemporary Romance Short Story She’s from the boundary waters of Northwestern Ontario, and he’s from a place his people call Waiekwakitchigami in northern Minnesota. Neither expects to meet, much less spend Thanksgiving together. Desperate for a Minneapolis getaway to prove she can break out of her by-the-numbers and … Continue reading Maggie Blackbird

Odd Voices

Odd Voices An Anthology of Not So Normal Narrators Genre: Short Story Anthology of diverse YA voices with stories by K.C. Finn, Kell Cowley, Eddie House, Mary Ball Howkins, Tonia Markou, Jack Bumby, A Rose, Colby Wren Fierek, Oceania Chee, Catherine Johnson In every new story we pick up, we’re seeking an exciting original voice. … Continue reading Odd Voices

Music for a Merman

The hottest, wettest shifter romance you will ever read! Music for a Merman, book 2 in the Sea of Love series, is OUT NOW! Rob Regor knew that humans were trouble. All the shape shifting mermen of the Morvann Islands knew it. And human women were double trouble... especially when they were lying on the … Continue reading Music for a Merman

30 Pieces of Silver

30 Pieces of SilverShort Story Collectionby Michael Essingtonnoir, supernatural About the book 30 Pieces of Silver is a collection of short stories by Michael Essington, published in 2018. The collection deals largely with drinking, women, gambling, and writing. It is an important collection that establishes Essington's minimalist style and his thematic oeuvre. 30 Pieces of … Continue reading 30 Pieces of Silver

Free to a good reader…

Free to a good home!  Or a good reader....From now until May 31, I'm giving away a short story Journeys.  On Smashwords, I'm giving away this short story.  Follow the link and put this story in your cart.  Here's the coupon code to get it for free.  DF76FThis story pushed in my head for a long time.  … Continue reading Free to a good reader…

Damn that Inner Critic

Poetry is personal.  My short stories, novels, essays, while personal aren't a microcsope of how I was feeling in a particular moment.  My poetry is an insight into how I was feeling in one particular moment.  It exposes sometimes raw emotion to whoever reads it.  In many ways this is what makes it good (and dare I hope … Continue reading Damn that Inner Critic


My goal today – work on my office.  I need to finish organizing my stuff in the office so I can move forward with my writing goals.  I got up this morning fully intending to start the day early and attack the piles of paperwork in my office.  I sat down to my computer at … Continue reading Distracted