Viagra but not allergy meds

This weekend Ken and I were out running errands.  One of them was to go to the pharmacy to pick up allergy meds and ibuprofen.  I have a plan that is supposed to cover these types of items.  Ken got up to the counter to pay with my card for my flex plan and it didn’t cover them.  He came to the car grumbling about it. 
I went home and looked on the website.  Sure enough – over the counter drugs are no longer covered.  One thing I found covered that I thought was interesting though was Viagra and condoms.  They can cover stuff for men to have sex but they can’t cover stuff to deal with my allergies, headaches and arthritis pain. 
It seems a bit strange to me that men’s sexual enhancement items can be covered but items that help me breath can’t be.  How is this logical?  So apparently the flex plan is encouraging men to have lots of sex (albeit protected sex) but isn’t willing to allow others to breath and get rid of pain.   
Apparently the flex plan thinks sex is much more important than over the counter drugs.  I don’t happen to agree…