by TK Lawyer

Lauren was only an assignment.  He wasn’t supposed to fall in love. 

From her birth, Apollo watched over Lauren, witnessing all her milestones, encouraging her through her pitfalls- all with a strong sense of pride. 

Lauren is a survivor.

Sadly, she doesn’t want to live. 

A drastic decision one day sets Lauren face to face with her own Guardian Angel- a being she never thought existed.  But Apollo won’t leave her alone. He seeks a better life for her. Yet, Lauren doesn’t welcome his advice. She considers them intrusions. 
Still, she is hopelessly drawn to Apollo in ways she can’t explain. 

Apollo makes her feel alive when she was, once, dead inside.  He is as necessary to her as the air she breathes. 
Yet, he demands one thing- and one thing, only. Lauren, forever by his side. Lauren is not sure if she can fulfill his desire.

Will Lauren take a chance on her angel when so many have failed her?

Or will Apollo slip away, forever, lost to her world of misery and darkness?

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Intent on understanding why Apollo didn’t come for her, she reacted before she heard him. “Are you going to answer me?”

He didn’t. How could he abandon her in this way, too? She stormed off, rounding a corner of the building until she realized she was still at work. With a heavy sigh, she turned on her heel, took a few steps and ran into a brick wall. Actually, it was Apollo’s solid, sexy, bronzed…oh my… Wait. Where did her concentration go? What was she saying before? She hit the firm surface beneath his neck and bounced off it. Holy cow. Angry as she was, she still wanted to kiss him everywhere, if he allowed it. She’d follow up her kisses with long, slow licks of her tongue, for good measure. Mmm…

She forced herself to re-focus her thoughts, recall why she was out here in the first place, and then glared at him.
“Get out of my way. Please.”


“Stop calling me that.”

“But that’s what you are.” His frown accompanied a look of distress as if she had physically attacked him with her words.

She placed both hands on her hips and moved closer to him. Mistake. His musky scent wafted, sensuously, through her nostrils. Her eyelashes fluttered. She purred with delight as overwhelming sensations rippled through her like a runaway train, carelessly, in peril of running off the tracks. Lord, could he stop being sexy for just one minute! For a mere sixty seconds so she could get her point across, to him? She doubted it. Her angel didn’t realize how attractive he was and the effect he was having on her.

His eyebrows scrunched together. He opened his sensual mouth. His voice deepened with a marked tone of concern. “Are you okay?”

She drew in a deep breath of air, attempting to return to her senses. Then, she jutted her chin out, in a show of defiance she wasn’t quite into. Nonetheless, she was still upset with him for not saving her from the brutality of Carl.

“Yes, I am. I have something to say to you. I can do without you, Apollo.”

One eyebrow crooked up. The corners of his mouth widened into an amused grin. “Really?”

“Yes, I can. What have you done for me anyway besides watch my every move like a protective, hovering busy body.” Images of her recent car accident flashed across her brain. “Okay, I take that back, you did help me with the accident.”

“So… You are saying you can do without me.” He murmured while stroking two fingers across his chin.

She nodded, once. “Yes.”

“You don’t need me then?” He pointed to his marvelous, wondrous, impeccable chest …stop it Lauren, stop it.

She hesitated in her response. She wanted him but did she need him? “No.”

“You sure? Because if you say you don’t need me, I won’t come to your aide anymore.”

“I have another guardian. That’s what you said.”

Apollo smiled.