Is the issue abortion or privacy?

Vicki told me about a man who paid for a billboard to demoralize and degrade his ex-girlfriend.  This man who is 35 was dating an 18 year old.  After they broke up she had a miscarriage (according to her).  He posted a billboard showing him with an outline of a baby.  The text of the billboard is “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!”
Whether you are for or against abortion, this is a horrendous thing to do to this young woman.  The decision faced by every woman with every pregnancy is difficult, particularly when it is an unplanned pregnancy.  Regardless of whether this woman had a miscarriage or an abortion, her privacy should not be so violated by this man putting it out there. 
He claims he didn’t have her name on the sign but he started an organization using her initials and that was on the billboard.  The town it is posted in is small enough that people KNOW they were dating so could easily identify who he referred to. 
He claims he wants to further the cause of father’s rights.  I say there are ways to do that without destroying someone else. 
To me this is a horrible case of harassment.  He made it known to all what he thought of her which is fine till he starts revealing her personal information.  He couldn’t post her social security number up there or her other medical information.  Why should he be able to post this information? 
I think he should be forced to take the billboard down.  I think he should be forced to compensate her for the harm he’s done to her.  How that can be done I don’t know.  I think he shouldn’t be allowed any kind of contact with her ever again.  Hopefully she can recover from the pain this cruel man has inflicted on her.