Friday Night

It’s been a week! I feel like I’ve been so busy between my day job, prepping for my book release, and family stuff, I’ve had no time to write. Here it is date night and I’m sitting by myself.

I’ve got my posts set up for the takeover tomorrow. I’ve done all but two things on my list and I’ll do those tomorrow and Sunday.

My day job has been busy with unexpected changes and trying to figure out how to do tasks of someone who’s left.

I told my oldest daughter yesterday I felt like I was playing dodgeball and on my side of the line there was me. On the other side 100 people all aiming for me. It was a rough day.

Tonight I had to write. I worked on posts for my book release and other book related tasks. I got through all of them except one. I was trying to be good and work on that task and said – nope.

Instead – I wrote. I started another scene and managed to get it done. Now I’m working on a family scene where they’re discussing the new mate. I’m trying to decide if I’ll make the brothers for her or against. We’ll see… the youngest is definitely for her.

Now I’m off to get some sleep. I hope I can sleep in a bit tomorrow but we’re canning again so probably not.