Wayfarer Evolution and Other Good News!

It’s done!  It’s published!  I’m really excited about this one.  I think the story turned out really good.  I’m pleased with the end result.

Here is a synopsis of it:

With the retreat of the Hettians to their own space, Adara is left to face the day to day running of the Wayfarers.  With Oakes’ reassurance and Decker’s support, she plans to take the new ship and explore their sectors.  A visit from Dalina of the Tuscalains and trouble in Hometown, Adara’s escape is delayed.
Adara settles into having four children but worries she isn’t giving them enough time while she is Mathair Naclan.  Consulting with Oakes, she and Decker plan to return to space so she can explore their sectors. 
Unrest with the Humans only group causes conflict and violence in Hometown.  Adara’s children and family are threatened.  Adara’s assistants are attacked, which leads to their first trial.  Due to her involvement with the victims, Adara stays on the sideline of the trial. 

Back in space, Adara settles into running the Wayfarers and exploring space.  She finds comfort and excitement in learning how to delegate and balance her life.  But the conflict isn’t resolved and follows her.  Will the bigotry continue?

Here are the links where it is available so far:

This week I also got my Braided Scarf pattern published in Happily Hooked Crochet magazine (issue 51).  If you want to check out the magazine, it’s available here.  The Braided Scarf is a gorgeous gray and purple sparkly yarn which turned out beautifully.  

I’m jumping up and down for joy but only for a little while because I still have work to do!  Crochet patterns to publish and post on Ravelry, edits to enter in the computer, and a long long list of projects to work on.