Wayfarer – Books 16, 17, 18

How is Adara supposed to protect billions of humans? The answer - she can only protect those she can. Getting her to realize it - that's the hard part. Juggling her third pregnancy, new planets and society, and trying not to get killed by Hettians is a enough to deal with but those are just … Continue reading Wayfarer – Books 16, 17, 18

Wayfarer Resolve Tour!

Wayfarer ResolveWayfarer Series #18by Eileen TroemelGenre: SciFi Romance In this final installation of Wayfarers, Decker and Adara face an attack on their homeworlds as well as on their children. A clan member from Phelan’s clan attacks Addy and Zoe while Adara and Decker deal with riots and attacks on the home world. Phelan’s clan member is … Continue reading Wayfarer Resolve Tour!

Wayfarer Evolution and Other Good News!

It's done!  It's published!  I'm really excited about this one.  I think the story turned out really good.  I'm pleased with the end result.Here is a synopsis of it:With the retreat of the Hettians to their own space, Adara is left to face the day to day running of the Wayfarers.  With Oakes’ reassurance and … Continue reading Wayfarer Evolution and Other Good News!