Sleep On It

Whether it is about writing or life, my best advice when you can’t get something done is to sleep on it.  I was writing last night and the scene was going but plodding along.  I wanted sharp, witty, argumentative.  I’ll read what I wrote and decide if that is how it turned out but I didn’t feel it was that way.

I talked to one of my daughters last night for quite some time, just chatting about life.  It was a good conversation and when I was done, I realized I wasn’t going to write much more.  I know where the scene is going, could see it in my head even last night but the flow was not there.

I opted instead to go to sleep.  This morning I woke up and not only do I know where the current scene is going but I also know how the over arching plot is going to end.  Interestingly I even know where the next book is going to start (at least right now).

Being so involved in a story is always fun and a bit tiring.  Sometimes I feel like conversations going on around me are intruding on the story and I just want them to stop so I can go back to writing.  At the same time, I know I need that time away from writing to decompress.

I’m sure if I talked to some science geek they could tell me that the chemistry in the brain (or whatever) is what helps the creative process.  Here’s what I know, if I’m living a story like I have been, I need to sleep on certain aspects to create a good story.  It gives my brain – my inspiration a chance to catch up with the story I’m typing.