I Survived…

I survived the first week of faculty being back and a crazy schedule of meetings including two all day meetings.  It was good to see everyone back and to have a bit of a buzz and energy in our department.  However, I’m worn out from the hectic pace and high demand.

Refilling my tank this weekend is going to involve rest, sleep (if I can) and crocheting.  I’m in the mood to crochet.  So long as my arm doesn’t get too sore, I think I’ll work on projects.  I have a few going and a few I want to get done.  I like quick projects as they allow me to feel like I’m accomplishing things.

I’ve been making baskets and I want to try a couple more different things for patterns.  Then I will put them together into a group of patterns.  It has been fun to try out different techniques and see how they work.

There is a strange thing happening this weekend – I have no plans.  I know there are things I should or could be doing but at this point, I have NO plans.

I wrote last night for a bit.  It felt good to get a short story out of my head which had been bouncing around in there.  I worked on Wayfarer 11 for a bit but couldn’t settle into it and switched to the other story.  My intent was to just get the opening down as that was pounding at me.  Instead, I wrote the whole story before crashing for the night.  That’s just how it works sometimes.

Today I’m going to be lazy, keep my legs warm in the damp weather, and crochet.  If I make new patterns great.  If I fall back on old patterns, great.  I’ll do what I do and see what I get accomplished.  I have no agenda and I’m ignoring my to do list.  At least as of right now.  I’ll have to see what mischief I get up to and what I get done without looking at my to do list.

Sleep On It

Whether it is about writing or life, my best advice when you can’t get something done is to sleep on it.  I was writing last night and the scene was going but plodding along.  I wanted sharp, witty, argumentative.  I’ll read what I wrote and decide if that is how it turned out but I didn’t feel it was that way.

I talked to one of my daughters last night for quite some time, just chatting about life.  It was a good conversation and when I was done, I realized I wasn’t going to write much more.  I know where the scene is going, could see it in my head even last night but the flow was not there.

I opted instead to go to sleep.  This morning I woke up and not only do I know where the current scene is going but I also know how the over arching plot is going to end.  Interestingly I even know where the next book is going to start (at least right now).

Being so involved in a story is always fun and a bit tiring.  Sometimes I feel like conversations going on around me are intruding on the story and I just want them to stop so I can go back to writing.  At the same time, I know I need that time away from writing to decompress.

I’m sure if I talked to some science geek they could tell me that the chemistry in the brain (or whatever) is what helps the creative process.  Here’s what I know, if I’m living a story like I have been, I need to sleep on certain aspects to create a good story.  It gives my brain – my inspiration a chance to catch up with the story I’m typing.


There are times when I’m exceedingly productive and accomplish everything I’ve set out and more.  This weekend has been one of those weekends.  I’ve finished the third graduation gift, pre-production work on another manuscript, and had time to chat with all my girls.  It has been a good weekend.
The graduation gifts are done.  I can set them aside until I get gift bags and wrap them up for my student workers.  Now I can focus on the two baby gifts I want to make.  Vicki asked me to make bibs for one of her co-workers so I’ll be doing those.  Plus I want to make something for my faculty who just adopted a sweet little girl. 
Moon Affirmations is nearly done.  I’m waiting on some illustrations and information from the illustrator.  Once I have those then I’ll be moving forward with that.  I keep thinking I’ll just start on the next document that I need to create for publishing but I know it is best to wait until Smashwords accepts the current document because then I know it is in good shape for the KDP.  It all builds from one to the next but in my excitement I want to jump forward to get more done.  My battle with myself for patience will be tempered with crocheting. 
I have coupons to go through before I head back to the recliner for crochet time.  Once the coupons are done I will probably be a bum the rest of the weekend with tv watching and crocheting. 
Recently I’ve watched The Butler and Philomena.  They were both very good movies.  Both are thinking movies rather than action.  In Philomena, Judi Dench was fabulous as an Irish woman looking for a baby the nuns adopted out.  It is based on a true story.  She did an amazing job and it is worth seeing.  The Butler was the same.  This man came from the south and became a butler at a hotel who was noticed by a white house staffer.  It was a good movie covering a large span of history both in the white house and in our country.  There were many stellar performances in there.
Tomorrow it is back to my day job and reality.  I’ve enjoyed my longer weekend and down time.  I feel better than I did last week and feel like I’ve accomplished what I needed to with taking Friday off.  I’m feeling less overwhelmed by work and more relaxed.  Apparently I have a warped sense of what R&R is supposed to be but if it worked that is all that matters.
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The last week has been very relaxed for me.  I’ve done a LOT of crocheting, finishing projects and getting them out of the way.  I’ve made hats, scarves, potholders, bibs, coasters, afghan, and a variety of other things.  I’ve watched movies and dvr items.  I’ve listened to music.  I’ve talked to a lot of people.  It has been calm and relaxing. 

Tomorrow I go back to work.  I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.  My foot is manageable at this point.  I haven’t had it down for a full eight hour day but tomorrow will tell me how it is going to be.  I at least am up and walking on my own.  By the end of the day I’m exhausted depending on how much walking I do but I’m at least mobile again.  Hopefully by the time I start classes again I’ll be back to normal. 

With this being my last day off, I am going to try to get some other things done.  I submitted some of my work to a publication today.  I haven’t done that in months because I’ve been so busy.  I’m also going to work on the grant I’ve made the to-do list for.  In reality I have to have the grant writing completed by February 15 in order to give myself time to get it submitted.  Mostly I have to gather the information and get it in the format the grant wants it in.  It will be more editing than writing I think.  This means I get out my orange pen and have to be critical of my own work.  I’ll have to be objective and critical.  The question on my mind is – would this encourage someone to invest in my project, in me? 

It is funny I have lots of hats when it comes to life.  I have my business skills which are practical and in some ways cold.  I have my creative skills which are grand and range through a variety of topics.  Somehow I have to fold both these sets of skills into writing a grant that will help me focus on my writing and business as an author.  It is interesting to see myself pull from all my life experiences to help me further my career as a writer. 


The girls are back in Georgia with their 50+ degrees for temperature and much milder weather.  Wisconsin got hit last night with a snow storm which includes snow, rain, and crappy roads.  I look out my window and see cruddy weather.  Yet I’m not discouraged by it.  It is just weather and if we wait a bit, it will change. 
The gray, gloomy day makes me want to curl up in front of the fireplace with my laptop and complete quiet.  I’d love to be working on my story and ignoring the world.  This time of year though the world seems to think we should all gather and celebrate.  The weather seems to be saying hibernate but society demands we gather.
Today is the shortest day of the year.  It is meant to be a time of letting go.  Winter allows the world (at least in the northern regions) to rest from the growing season.  It also allows us to rest.  In our ever moving and constantly busy lives we rarely take time for ourselves.  This is the time of year to do it.  The weather certainly seems to be encouraging us to snuggle in for the duration.
Darkness, physical darkness, dominates this day.  When most people look at darkness they attach a negative label to it.  Darkness to them represents evil.   To me though, darkness represents time to reflect on what is within me.  It is a quiet peaceful time meant to hear that inner voice.  To let those deeper questions surface so they can be examined and maybe an answer found. 
For some people this is the time when they catch up on sleep, snuggle in to do nothing, go skiing or snowboarding.  For me it is a time of reflection on where I am now, where I want to be next year, what I’ve accomplished, what I want to accomplish. 
The older I get the more I appreciate these quiet times, the time to let go of the expectations of others so I can focus on my own expectations.  It may sound selfish but now instead of putting my family’s needs and desires first, I am looking at my own.  It is my turn to be first in my own life and work towards my dreams. 
It’s funny how dreams are.  I know that there are people out there who want to do big things. I don’t necessarily.  I want to tell good stories.  I want my daughters to be happy.  I want to lead a quiet fulfilled life.  Not big dreams but definitely worthwhile…
Happy Solstice…