Paperwork and other tortures!

We spent a week in Georgia with the two daughters down there.  The whole family was together and we enjoyed our time.  My youngest daughter got her tonsils out which was the reason for the visit.  She’s recovering.

It was an adventure driving back through a snow storm in Illinois.  We went from making great time to adding three hours to our trip.  By the time we got home, we were all exhausted.

While we were in Georgia, I got to snuggle with all my grand fur babies.  Even Penny who is super shy and nervous came out and got a snuggle with me.  All four cats spent time sleeping on me but Moo spent a lot of time on my legs.  They are all sweet (and mischievous) kittens.

I got most of the crocheting done I wanted to for them.  I didn’t not finish their dresser scarves as working with thread hurts my hands.  I’ll have to limit the amount of time I work with it.  I’ve got Virginia’s about a third of the way done.  I think I’ll put hers and Stephanie’s into a bag and use that as my crochet group project to work on until they are done.  I’ll make progress but will limit the amount of time I’m working with the smaller thread.

Joann’s new store opened yesterday.  It is nice in that there are automatic doors wider aisles, and even a scooter available.  The yarn section wasn’t much bigger which is a little disappointing but they have more crafting stuff.  It will be interesting to see how the store goes forward.

This week for work has been interesting.  It took me two days to get caught up but I’m in a good place and ready to enter schedule this next week.

We’ve had some lousy luck with household things.  Our washer died so we had to order a new one.  Hopefully it arrives tomorrow – I don’t really want to go to the laundromat with all our clothes.  Ken’s truck had to have some major work done.  All of these things cost money of course.  So I’m working on juggling a lot.

Since Ken’s truck is in the shop and I was caught up at work, I stayed home today so he could drive my car to work.  I’ve been working on bills, budget, book sales and other business stuff.  I have a list – when don’t I?  I’m making progress.  I’ve still got mom’s stuff to do so that will be next.

Tomorrow will be errands, grocery shopping, and a variety of other things.  I’m hoping Sunday will be a quiet day I can spend crocheting.