Mystic Desire

Mystic Desire
A Paranormal Romance Anthology
with stories by
Breanna Hayse, Alice Renaud, Zia Westfield, Dee S. Knight, Carol Schoenig,
Callie Carmen, Anne Krist, Suzanne Smith, Patricia Elliott, R.M. Olivia,
Richard Savage, Lora Logan, Jan Selbourne
Mystic Desire is a collection of short paranormal romance stories. This is a chance to read and discover the work of a diverse group of very talented authors.
The themes in this book are varied, as are the collection of characters and artifacts, including Native American dream catchers, mystical jewelry, and characters such as lustful vampires, hot warlocks, a grumpy leprechaun, a ghostly terrier, a zombie apocalypse and things that go bump in the night.
From soft and tender love to hot passionate, kinky sex,
there is something for everyone in this anthology.
Unconditional Lust – Breanna Hayse
The massive, hideous merrow leader, Muruch, craves the taste of human flesh. Confined to the ocean, he feeds his horde with sailors from ships pulled into the maw of the Bermuda Triangle. When US Army Captain, Nurys Shaye, puts her life on the line to save him after being captured, his hunger for human flesh is shadowed by the desire for her body and her love. Will she be able to see past his appearance and trust him to break down her walls and teach her to feel?
The Sweetest Magic of All – Alice Renaud
When a sexy apprentice witch and a hot warlock go back in time to locate a magical amulet, they find more than they bargained for. It’s May Eve, the most magical night of the year, and normal rules don’t apply…
Bewitching the Wolf – Zia Westfield
The Witch, Alice Humphreys has poured her heart and soul into creating a magical B&B where guests experience the fantasy vacation of their dreams! Brodie MacEwan has been sent to investigate the mysterious death of his uncle. He never expected to discover his soul mate in his dreams. But is the illusion real? Alice knows that there is something all too predatory about the Scotsman and he makes her body tingle in places it shouldn’t!
An Awareness of Evil – Dee S. Knight
Only two things stand between evil and a small girl: the visions of Amanda McMasters and Detective Brendan Gilchrist. Neither can afford to be wrong.
Love that Binds – Carol Schoenig
On the outskirts of a small town where nothing grows, a young girl, Ianthee, is being bullied and accused of being a witch. Young Caleb, inexplicably drawn to Ianthee, comes to her rescue. Before they can explore their feelings, Caleb and his family disappear. What happened to him, and what part does a long-ago legend play in their lives?
Dream Catcher – Callie Carmen
Long ago, a medicine man had made a matched set of dream catchers as a wedding gift to protect the Chief’s daughter and her warrior husband. He had called upon the benevolent spirits to keep the two soul mates safe and in a loving, healthy marriage. It was foretold that if the two dream catchers were ever divided the new owners would be drawn together as soul mates. Was that possible?
Life Saving – Anne Krist
Saving lives isn’t just for adults. Sometimes the innocent magic of a child can do the job better.
The Mortal Vampire – Suzanne Smith
Remy enjoys life as a vampire, never giving a thought to sucking every last drop of tasty blood out of his unfortunate victims and leaving them doornail dead. But his cold and carefree existence changes the day he crosses paths with the beautiful and mysterious mortal Angela.
Love from the Mist – Patricia Elliott
When Jace Warden learns that his brother plans to announce his engagement at a family get together, he flees to the other side of the world to escape the joyous celebration.
Or at least attempts to… His plane never makes it, and he winds up trapped on an island. Little does he realize, he’s not alone; there’s a mischievous little entity milling about, and she wants to play.
Love’s Ghost – R.M. Olivia
Sorry, babe. I know it hurts to hear.” John frowned. I’ll make this brief. I spoke to the man in charge, and he is giving me one last chance.”
Come again?”
I’m allowed to make love to my wife one last time before I have to cross over. So, are you ready for your husband? Are you ready for me, Ingrid?” He lifted my chin up and ran his thumb along my lips. I felt a chill go down my spine. How could this be real? How could this be happening?
Love Knows No Apocalypse – Patricia Elliott
Getting stranded in the middle of a storm was not Samantha Wheeler’s idea of an ideal situation, especially in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. But fighting zombies was the easy part; her heart, though, was a whole other matter. Thanks to a man named Steve Jones.
When they find themselves in danger, she has to decide what’s more important – dying for someone you love or surviving.
Calling All Angels – Lora Logan
Elijah Baker, an immortal tasked with fighting against demons that exist on earth, finds peace when he meets his new neighbor, Celeste. But when he realizes that their love comes with a cost, he is faced with choosing between his calling and a chance at true love.
The Anniversary – Richard Savage
A cruel twist of fate wrenched Evelyn and Peter apart on their wedding anniversary. Evelyn’s life descends into darkness. James enters her life giving her a chance of happiness. Evelyn discovers a piece of jewelry, that has the power to grant her time with Peter on their anniversary. She adores James, but needs Peter. Can she ever really let Peter go, while there’s still a chance they can be together?
Through the Veil – Jan Selbourne
A beautiful March day in 1875 ends in tragedy when the wagon carrying Helen and Marcus plunges down the mountainside. Generations pass before Rachel Finlay finds an old sepia photo of a man and woman. She knows them but she’s never met them and now, for the peace of mind she desperately craves, she goes back to where it began. In time, through the veil, knowing she may never return.
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Carol Schoenig, Suzanne Smith, Lora Logan, Callie Carmen, Zia Westfield, Jan Selbourne, Dee S Knight, Alice Renaud

Read my review on Goodreads I really enjoyed this book. There were a lot of authors new to me! I got to read their style and find out if I wanted to try more of their writing.

Carol Schoenig

Carol Schoenig is another of the Mystic Desires authors from Black Velvet Seductions. She write contemporary romance.

Author Bio

Carol Schoenig the author of The Caretaker a story of finding love in your golden years and Love that Binds.  A Short Story – Part of the ‘Mystic Desire’ Anthology with Black Velvet Seductions to be released October 1. Carol reads and writes Contemporary Romance, Aged to Perfection Romance and Romantic Suspense.

Carol has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development. She had started writing in her earlies twenties and gave up when she failed to win a contest. Once she retired from her professional human resources job, she began to seriously pursue her dreams of becoming a writer.

Carol celebrates over 50 years of marriage, has two sons and five grandchildren ranging in age from five to twenty-one.  She loves reading, music, nature, and animals. Millie her golden doodle is always at her side.

She loves to read romance stories and is a Hallmark Junkie. My hobbies are sewing and reading as well as singing in her church choir.

Tell us about yourself.

Not much to tell.  I have one novel published The Caretaker and a short story in the Mystic Desire Anthology.  Married 51 years, two grown sons and five grandchildren.  I like to read, write, sew, sing and have fun in between.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

In grade school when we were required to read the poem,

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

       — Joyce Kilmer

The imagery and beauty inspired me in a number of ways, first I love trees and second I wanted to write words that would inspire others and touch their hearts.

What genres do you like to read?    Are these the same genres you write in?

I enjoy reading Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, once in a while Erotic Romance and Mysteries.  I write Contemporary and Romantic Suspense.  I could see myself writing mystery.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?


What is your current release or project?

Mystic Desire Anthology, I have a short story included Love that Binds.  Early 2020 I’ll be ready to release Bought and Paid for Fiancé.

Tell us about the key characters. 

Ianthee is a young girl, being chased and bullied by classmates.  Ianthee is a quiet girl that loves nature.

Hauck is a sixteen-year-old boy, smart, handsome and athletic. Yet a bit of a loner and has a tender heart.  He comes to Ianthee’s rescue when she falls in the mud.

Share an excerpt

Ianthee pulled the key from her pocket, picked up her bags, walked up the front steps and unlocked the door. As she slowly pushed it inward it squeaked. She heard scratching sounds and a few mice ran out the door. Well, at least there was someone living in the house. She made a mental note to get a cat.

Ianthee trailed her hand along the wall until she found the light switch and flipped it on. Dim bulbs in ancient fixtures came on illuminating the rooms with a dull glow. There were layers of cobwebs and mouse droppings everywhere. The broom leaned on the hearth the way it always had. Picking it up she swatted the cobwebs off the table and placed her bags on it. There was a chill in the cottage and a musty smell that made her shiver. Ianthee left the door open and used the broom to clear away more cobwebs around the hearth and into the kitchen.

As she went about her work, she could hear the taunts of the girls calling her ‘witch’. She’d sweep harder and faster working up a sweat. They would not win this time, she vowed to herself.

She went outside to find a few branches to build a fire in the fireplace. The cottage was inadequate, for now, but she would pull it together. The sun had almost dipped below the horizon, but she managed to get the fire going to heat a cauldron of water for washing up

In the meantime, she went upstairs and see if her bedroom could be slept in.  Her room was to the right and the ‘forbidden room’ to the left. She turned and looked at the closed solid oak door. She heard her grandmother’s voice replaying in her head, “You’re not permitted in there. It’s where we mix the oil to give to those who need it. Some are delicate and strong. I’ll teach you when you’re older.” But she never had. They’d had to leave it all behind.

Ianthee tried the door, but it was locked. She ran to her bedroom and retrieved a long pin she used to collect leaves and things. She knelt down in front of the door and inserted the pin in the keyhole. She turned it one way and then the other until she heard a click.

Holding her breath, she carefully opened the forbidden room door. The door creaked as she pushed it back and with one foot in front of the other stepped into a room covered with dust and cobwebs. Measuring spoons, jars, and pipette on the table. The table and shelves heavy with dust. Bottles of flowers, herbs, and liquids were neatly placed. Cob webs hung in the corners of the room and she brushed away a cobweb hanging from the ceiling and made her way over to the table.

When she was young, her grandmother had taken her to the woods and gardens and told her about the different species of plants and flowers. She remembered how when she and Gram touched them; the plants seemed to come to alive in their hands.

On the table lay a leather journal with a ribbon sticking out at the end. It was Grandma’s magical book containing recipes that Grandma had used to heal people’s ailments. She remembered Grandma’s words about working in the soil. She’d said that the plants took our energy, grew, and then gave back life and healing. Curiosity about the magical book consumed her.

Ianthee hesitated to pick it up for fear that the pages would disintegrate. Instead, she let her fingers delicately caress the front of the book. The sensation of someone with her in the room gave her goosebumps as if granny herself was there.

She held the ribbon and eased the book open. The heat of excitement bubbled up within her. Grandma used to tell her stories of a special love potion. She had always believed it was fantasy and her grandmother teasing her about love but there was also professional curiosity.

Ianthee flipped through a few pages and read in awe. Mrs. Trotter’s bladder cancer showed signs of improvement after rubbing Frankincense on her stomach as well as the pressure points at the bottom of her feet twice a day. We also suggested she put 3 drops under her tongue. It tastes awful but does her good. There were more cases, documented in Grandma’s careful hand.

Do you have a favorite scene?

I have several.  I like the beginning when they meet. And the end because it takes them back to where they met.

What advice would you give a beginner? 

No matter how hard the writing gets, the frustration, the lack of confidence… don’t give up. 

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