Checked off the list

Yesterday, I worked on taxes for my daughter and for us.  I had a business meeting.  My late afternoon appointment didn’t show up.  In the meanwhile I got three of my crochet patterns posted on Ravelry, started a new pattern, which I’m pleased with the result, and spent time with Ken.  I posted a contest on my Facebook page for my readers and friends to enter a drawing to win one of my books.  If you want to know more go to my site: 

This morning I woke up at 5 am with a migraine.  I went back to sleep in the hopes of it going away but it didn’t.  So now on top of the migraine, I feel like I’m behind schedule.  I have crochet patterns to deal with.  I have to do a bit of research to figure out whether I should post the Half Dozen Headbands and Warm Winter Set as a set on Ravelry or if I should do each pattern individually.  It means research.

In addition to what I’ve gotten done, I need to go through the stacks of coupons I have so I’m prepped and ready for the shopping trip next weekend.  I’ve already gone through the apps to look for deals.

I was hoping to get more done today but my head is killing me so I will take it easy today I think.  It is Ken’s birthday today.  He gets to pick what we do.  We’ve finally caught up on Scorpion but we are behind now on a number of other shows.  It’s up to him.

I’ve checked off some of the things on my weekend to do list.  I think the rest of the weekend will have to be about Ken and getting rid of a migraine.