Four Hours

When was the last time you had a four hour conversation where you walked away feeling better than when you started?  Mine ended about thirty seconds ago. It was a long day at work, longer than normal and at the end of the day I was annoyed - tired mostly but just needed away from … Continue reading Four Hours

Diversions and distractions

Diverted, I think is the way to describe my evening last night.  I went home focused on finishing Wayfarer 10.  Ken and I had a late supper and chatted before he went to bed.  I spoke to two of my daughters, warning the middle one I was going to write.  Her response was "And?"I was … Continue reading Diversions and distractions

Craft Day

I’m hosting a craft day next weekend.  It should be a lot of fun.  It will be my middle daughter, her godmother, a friend, one of my sisters, and my mom.  We are all going to bring something to do while we sit around and chat.  This is something I’d love to do more often.  … Continue reading Craft Day