Craft Day

I’m hosting a craft day next weekend.  It should be a lot of fun.  It will be my middle daughter, her godmother, a friend, one of my sisters, and my mom.  We are all going to bring something to do while we sit around and chat. 
This is something I’d love to do more often.  It would be great to have a regular time when women could come together to socialize without there being expectations for the day.  No makeup unless you want to.  No fancy clothes.  Just women coming together to laugh and talk while we work on crafts (or not). 
I plan to work on crocheting.  I know some people are bringing other things like knitting, needlework, or beading. It doesn’t really matter if we are getting together to enjoy the time.
Ken will be in a different room watching the football game.  I don’t know if other men will join him – they are welcome.  Some of the women might wander in there too.  Not all women share my abhorrence for football. 
I’m looking forward to it and hope that everyone has a good time…

Three Days, Three Chapters

It was a three day weekend for me.  Normally I would be thrilled to have three days off work but my time off lately has been stressful.  My middle daughter’s birthday was today and we had a good time even though it snowed a lot.  It was supposed to be a full weekend with a lot of stuff going on. 

I didn’t expect to get a lot of writing done this weekend.  However, I got three chapters written.  They are longer chapters but there is no good splitting point.  So I’m leaving them as longer chapters for now.  It’s funny how I’ll finish a chapter and think wow that is good.  When I try to start the next chapter, I decide I need to think on it for a bit.  I go away and do different things like sleep or whatever.

This weekend we saw the King’s Speech – great movie – go see it.  After spending the day on Saturday hanging out with a friend, daughter, and hubby, I was able to finish off a chapter.  It felt good and worked out well.  Sunday I was supposed to meet up with my artist but she couldn’t come out.  I took the time to write and finished off another chapter.  This morning I was supposed to have the morning to myself to write and I sort of did.  I got a good start on my chapter before Vicki and I wandered off on our day.  We had a great day.  It was fun to hang out with her and spoil her a bit. 

After supper tonight, Ken went to bed, Vicki watched her show on TV and I wrote.  I stumbled a bit trying to get the feel for one particular character.  I ended up reading some of my earlier scenes with her.  After I did that I knew how to write what I needed to do.  I finished off another chapter tonight. 

Maybe I’m finding a bit of balance in my life?  I’m not going to hold my breath on that though.  It’s only 11 and I’m headed for bed.  It’s been a better weekend than I expected and now it is time to go back to work.