Progress on a Project

We’re all stressed from the covid 19 stuff. I won’t say I’ve not been stressed because I’ve had my moments. However, I’m enjoying not commuting. I don’t believe I’ve been out of my house in two weeks. I could get used to this.

I’ve been working on re-editing my Wayfarer series. I’ve gone through each manuscript and edited them again. I’ve purchased new covers (wait till you see). My sister helped by entering the edits on the computer for me.

This means I’ve had 19 manuscripts on my desk waiting for me to find time to go into the electronic file and accept the changes. I finally found time. I’m up later because I don’t have to be up so early, so I get a lot of this done at night. I’ve accepted edits on Wayfarer Aegis, Wayfarer, Wayfarer Clans and Wayfarer Immemorial. I started Wayfarer Negotiator today.

The next step is to read through each new document, look for any errors that were introduced during editing, and make any final changes. Then I do a spell check and call it done – sort of….

At the end of each novel, I’m adding an updated list of all my books. I finally got that finished. I’ve also added a teaser and link for the next book. I had graphics made for the teaser and the new book list. I like them and hope the readers will too.

So to date, I’ve got Wayfarer Aegis ready for re-release. I’ve read through and done all edits on Wayfarer but I need to add the teaser (book list already added). The rest are in the queue. I hope to start the read through on Wayfarer Clans tonight or tomorrow night. These are getting done as I stagger each one.

I really like the new covers – sorry no previews. Jaycee from Sweet N Spicy did an amazing job on them. I took reader and beta reader suggestions when I had the new covers made.

My hope is to have them done by mid June …. I hope. With the extra time at home, I’ve used it wisely – sometimes. Other times, I’ve just stayed up way too late doing goofy stuff. When work clothes and bras are optional, you just never know what’s going to happen.