Dragon Descendant – Ariana

Winnod abandoned Ariana ten years ago.

Ariana’s fated mate denied her. She mourned his loss but she didn’t pursue him. She refused to chase a male who didn’t want her. She found her inner peace but her loneliness echoes from her to air dragons. They tell her to call him in the old way. If he’s a true mate, he’ll return. If he’s not, she should move on.

When Winnod returns, will his revelations tear them apart or heal the wounds?

Dragon Descendent Series

Sweet fantasy romance short stories. Marelo studies water dragons. She wants to prove they still exist, she ends up with much more than proving the water dragons are still alive. Solana has heard fire dragons her whole life. Now she connects with them and has found her mate, no matter how reluctant he is. Ariana grew up knowing her mate and the air dragons but he abandoned her ten years earlier. The time has come for her and her mate to aid the dragons, if they can resolve the issues between them. Bryony and her mate explore caves and in doing so connect with earth dragons. Once all these couples have connected with each other and  their dragons they’re set to delve into the mystery of a coming danger. Will they be able to prevent the danger?