My Son’s Wife

My Son's Wife: The Beginning My Son's Wife Book 1 by Shelia E. Bell Genre: Inspirational Romance, Drama First Lady Audrey Graham believes she's found the perfect woman to become her eldest son, Minister Stiles Graham's wife. Sweet, sensitive, kind, and of course a fine Christian girl, Audrey couldn't ask more of lovely Rena Jackson. … Continue reading My Son’s Wife

Grammar Wars

Recently I joined a group on Facebook.  I'm not a huge fan of groups because mostly people don't do anything in them.  It's tedious and I have too much to do for tedious.  This group has proved to be less than annoying.  I've met writers who are willing to have an intelligent conversation without the … Continue reading Grammar Wars

Violence is not the solution

When your daughter calls to say "I'm okay", there is always a moment of oh shit, what happened.  My oldest daughter called me yesterday to give me a heads up her place of work was going to be in the news.  She was working and in the parking lot a lot of drama took place. … Continue reading Violence is not the solution