Back to Work

It’s time to go back to work.  Normally I’m a bit cranky in the morning (okay more than a bit).  This morning though I am feeling pretty darn good.  The weekend was very productive.  I got a lot of stuff done. 

My to do list got a lot of stuff crossed off.  From the crocheting to writing things I wanted done.  They almost all got done.  I have only two things left on my list.  I always have more than is possible to do on my lists so the fact that I got it down to just two left, that is impressive. 

Friday I got a goodie in the mail.  A friend took a trip to England and sent me a dragon and some shells she got from there.  I have to find a home for the dragon.  It is a wonderful piece.  The shells are wonderful.  A bit ago she shared some pictures from one of her trips.  I fell in love with one of them.  She also shared a poem and I thought the two should go together.  She very kindly allowed me to have the picture blown up and place the poem on top of it.  This picture hangs in my office at home.  The shells she sent me were from the place in the picture.  I have to find a special place for them.  They are two tiny perfect specimens and are beautiful. 

All in all, the weekend was a good one.  Lot’s done, goodies from friends, good Mother’s day – I couldn’t ask for a better time.  Something rare has happened – I woke up in a good mood and ready to face my day without having to wake up for hours.  Odd but nice…

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