Riding the Waves

It’s been an interesting start to the new year.  We’ve had a lot of going to urgent care and the emergency room.  Nothing tragic or life threatening but lots of trips with sinus infections, bronchitis, and kidney stones.  I’m ready for this to change.  It’s expensive and stressful.

Monday I went to an ear nose and throat specialist.  He got me on a different antibiotic and scoped my sinuses.  I have more information now which is good.

Tuesday Ken got the all clear on his kidney stone.  It is gone.  Plus he has no stones in either of his kidneys.  All good news.

Now for the downside – after his appointment, we got supper and were settling in to our happy news.  Then my sister text to say my uncle was in the hospital.  Shortly after that text, she sent another one which said my aunt (not married to the uncle who was in the hospital but a different brother of my mom’s who passed) was also in the hospital.

It’s been a week.  No – really it’s been a couple of months of this teeter totter affect and health issues.  I’m hoping things are evening out but I’m not holding my breath.

One of the brighter spots in my week / month is my daughter Virginia got notified she made the President’s list for her excellent grades for her fall 16 schedule.  She also just finished her math class and got a 100% on her final as well as an A in the class – though this isn’t official yet.  She’s stressed with school but she’s actually doing really well.

There’s no choice but to ride the waves of my life right now.  At this point we’re moving from the gully of the wave to the crest.  I’m just hoping there are no tsunamis in my future.  I’d be happy with nice gentle waves for a time.