My Home Office

My husband is amazing.  I grumble about him and how he annoys me as is normal when you’ve been together as long as we have.  However, yesterday he helped me in our office.  He worked on clearing out so we could rearrange.  He did all the moving, lifting, putting together, and all the physical stuff I can’t do.  He helped with sorting and organizing. 
Friday we went to Shopko and got two pieces of furniture – both of which were on sale.  Each one was supposed to be $100 but the two on sale ended up being $90.  We also got canvas boxes to go on the shelves that were on sale for either $4 or $5 instead of $10. 
Ken cleaned out the shelves in the closet and took down two of the shelves.  He moved the two file cabinets into the closet so they were not taking up space in the room but still very accessible.  The closet area got cleared out but we still need to figure out what is going where in the closet – other than the two file cabinets and containers of genealogy stuff. 
Ken assembled the two shelving units we got and I put the baskets in them.  As I was sorting through things in the office I realized I wanted two more small baskets for the smaller shelves and I was going to need the organizational stuff for the cubes.  We went out and got what was needed.  I think we ran out of steam.
Today I’m going to tackle the office again and see how much progress I can make on it.  The file cabinet drawers need a good clearing out as well as organizing all the stuff I want on the shelves.  I think that will be the focus but I’m not going to push too much for doing a lot – afterall it is the weekend.  

Chaos / Clutter

My home office is a mess.  Actually that is putting it mildly.  I need a weekend to clean it and get it organized.  I don’t have the weekend to do that.  I also have the added issue of struggling to have my feet down and moving around.  My desk is piled high with paperwork, books, school stuff, writing stuff, and so on.  I also need to get the card table cleared off. 
There isn’t a lot that stresses me out about my environment.  I’m definitely not a neat freak but right now my messy office a big time stressor.  I’d like nothing better than to get in there and spend a day just organizing and cleaning it out.  My physical limitations are frustrating me on this one level. 
I can find things to do while I sit in the recliner with my foot up.  I can nap, crochet, read, and even do most of my homework from the recliner.  However, I don’t like paying bills from the recliner (like to have two monitors to flip between spreadsheet and internet as I’m paying bills).  I also need the space so I can spread out to do some of my other things like writing and even homework – it is just more convenient. 
Instead of fussing about it, I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to work on it bit by bit.  Perhaps if I put in an hour or two at a time every day, I’ll be able to get it cleared up in the next week or so.  I won’t start the new semester with a clean work space but I might have it clean in short order.