In My Head

Waking up this morning, I wanted to just stay laying in the dark and thinking.  I woke up thinking about all sorts of things - scenes, story lines, plots, characters, motivation.  I also was thinking about other things too.The last thing I wanted to do was get up and face a day of reality.  However, … Continue reading In My Head

Down Time

At work, I have people in and out of my office.  Even when they aren't coming in my office, there is noise up and down the hall with faculty and students collaborating.  It isn't always chaos but it comes close.  Being part of a large family, chaos is normal for me.  I cope with it … Continue reading Down Time


I just watched Susan Cain's talk at TED conference.  I found her book Quiet to be incredible and self-affirming. I live with an extrovert.  He is amazing to watch when he is around people.  People like him.  He has conversations and interactions that I'm either too shy to have or to reserved to have. He … Continue reading Introvert