No Meds or Meds?

Yesterday for some weird reason, I forgot to take my morning meds.  This had good and bad effects for my day.  I had a hard time breathing, moving, and coping.  All day, I struggled with pain and stuffed head.  Of course I wasn’t sure I’d forgotten – I might have been having a bad day – so I couldn’t take anything until I figured it out.  This meant the end of the day when I got home.  It was a miserable day.  EVERYTHING hurt including a massive sinus migraine.

The nice thing – hey my drugs do stuff for me.  There are times I HATE taking my meds.  I think – oh I’ll just stop taking them and cope on my own.  I know today that will make my life significantly more painful. 

By the time I got home, I could barely get up the two steps from my family room to my kitchen.  Once I was in the recliner, I didn’t not want to move.  So I live (with my meds) at a six for pain.  This was a twelve.  It took everything in me not to sit there and ball my eyes out.  Only person to blame was me.  I picked up my med container and sure enough – there they were.  Swallowing them, I tried to sit back and relax in the hopes the pain would ease.  It did eventually but it took most of the night. 

I’m still in pain today but it might be the weather causing the problem.  Yes I definitely took my meds this morning.