These are two little letters.  They form a single word.  This word has a meaning.  If men do not understand this word, then they need to not be in society. 

I watched The View today.  They were discussing Dominque Strauss-Kahn head of International Monetary Fund.  He allegedly attacked a housekeeper in a $3000 a night hotel room.  I listened to only part of the discussion because quite frankly I was appalled and disgusted.

Barbara Walters commented that this man may have an addiction.  Well I don’t give a damn.  I really don’t.  Just because you are male and have external genitals it does not give you the right to poke it wherever the hell you want to. 

If you are poking some person with it – then they damn well should have said yes I want to be poked.  Otherwise it is rape.  It doesn’t matter if you hit them.  It doesn’t matter if you are on a date.  It does matter if the person is impaired (the pokee not the poker).  If a person is not able to say yeah or nay – no poking allowed. 

There is no excuse a man can give that justifies poking when someone says NO.  Women need to stop allowing the men to use these feeble and ridiculous excuses.  You are a grown adult male.  You have had to learn to control your bodily functions.  You have had to be educated and live in civilized society.  That means you keep your damn pokey parts to yourself unless you have been told YES I WANT TO BE POKED.

No more excuses.  If you don’t understand one of the smallest words in the English language then you don’t belong in society.  You should be locked away.