These are two little letters.  They form a single word.  This word has a meaning.  If men do not understand this word, then they need to not be in society. 

I watched The View today.  They were discussing Dominque Strauss-Kahn head of International Monetary Fund.  He allegedly attacked a housekeeper in a $3000 a night hotel room.  I listened to only part of the discussion because quite frankly I was appalled and disgusted.

Barbara Walters commented that this man may have an addiction.  Well I don’t give a damn.  I really don’t.  Just because you are male and have external genitals it does not give you the right to poke it wherever the hell you want to. 

If you are poking some person with it – then they damn well should have said yes I want to be poked.  Otherwise it is rape.  It doesn’t matter if you hit them.  It doesn’t matter if you are on a date.  It does matter if the person is impaired (the pokee not the poker).  If a person is not able to say yeah or nay – no poking allowed. 

There is no excuse a man can give that justifies poking when someone says NO.  Women need to stop allowing the men to use these feeble and ridiculous excuses.  You are a grown adult male.  You have had to learn to control your bodily functions.  You have had to be educated and live in civilized society.  That means you keep your damn pokey parts to yourself unless you have been told YES I WANT TO BE POKED.

No more excuses.  If you don’t understand one of the smallest words in the English language then you don’t belong in society.  You should be locked away. 

Why are females not valued?

Catching up on my DVR last night, I watched parts of the View from this week.  At one point, the women discussed the nun who was excommunicated because she allowed doctors to perform an abortion on a pregnant woman.  The woman would have died if the abortion hadn’t been performed.  They brought up all sorts of other details like this woman also had four other children at home and other things.  The women were outraged that this nun was excommunicated – as am I.  She did what was right.  It isn’t like the fetus at 11 weeks could survive without the mother.  So they couldn’t do a C section to deliver it.  If the woman had died trying to complete the pregnancy, the baby would have died. 

I understand the Catholic beliefs that life begins at conception.  I understand why they don’t think abortion is good.  Really does anyone?  However, in this particular circumstance abortion may have stopped a pregnancy but it also saved a life.  No one mentioned the hell the mother must be going through.  First she isn’t able to carry a child she must have wanted (I’m assuming here) to term.  So she is grieving the loss while at the same time being grateful to be alive (talk about conflict).  Then the Catholic church (some bishop – a man) turns around and punishes the nun who helped to save her life.  In essence, the Catholic church is saying it was wrong to save this woman’s life. 

I could rant for paragraphs about how I feel about this.  However, I want to go back to the fact that the View discussed this topic one day.  Apparently overnight they received numerous emails, most of which started with I don’t watch your program… well if you aren’t watching what do you care?  There was an email from a gentleman who called the women of the View not good Catholics because they criticized the church.

If the church can’t stand up to a few women criticizing it then perhaps it shouldn’t be in business.  On top of which isn’t it the duty of the membership to keep the organization honest and fair?  The women of the View asked why this nun (a woman) got excommunicated when the priests (men) who abused all the children didn’t?  This is a severe double standard.  I understand that the nun “broke” the rules in the eyes of the church.  Didn’t those men?  Why implement a harsh punishment against her when you didn’t against the men? 

I’m not Catholic.  I think Catholicism is out of date and out of touch with the reality of our current society.  I think the Catholic church is a bunch of old white guys who are trying to desperately hold on to power they don’t have any right to.  They are the worst case of good old boys society.  This is why I’m not Catholic – well and a whole bunch of other reasons.  However, when they apply their own rules and standards so unequally I question why anyone remains in this religion.  The women from the View didn’t hurt the image of the Catholic church.  The Catholic church hurt its own image.