Crochet Savior!

My middle daughter moved home.  March was chaotic with her moving.  April is turning into chaos with getting our house organized – or reorganized and integrating her stuff into our house.

I’m finally tackling my office.  Currently it’s in that state of extreme messy because I’ve been going through papers, shelves, drawers in order to sort out what we need to keep.  There’s an ultimate goal in mind but for now, I want to get rid of one piece of furniture and move two others.  These means I’m taking decorations down from the wall as the furniture is going to cover up the wall space.

I’m not certain the way I want to rearrange the furniture is actually going to work so I need to try it before I decide whether it is how I actually want it.  Also all the stuff I want to put on the furniture is sitting around my office making it seem more cluttered.  I swear there is an organized method to the chaos at this point.

I started yesterday and made good progress but today I’ve spent running errands and prepping for the week.  There are some things I don’t want to get rid of.  I look at them and the organizer in me is saying just let it go.  But the writer / mom / creator in me is saying NO!!!  I’m working on it.  I’m also looking at a row of books – reference type – which sit by computer.  Do I want to weed through them?  No but should I?  Probably.  I know some of them will stay.  I can look at at least six of them and know they stay but there’s at least three times that many.  So reluctantly I’ll look through these books to weed out any.

Then there’s the recycle / garbage, sale piles to contend with.  I’ve got a box of stuff for a sale we’re hoping to participate in later this summer.  Also while I remove and rearrange what do I do with all the stuff.

It’s definitely been a weekend of chaos.  I’m not sure we’re making it any better.  However, at the intermediate phase, it is so chaotic I’m not sure it’s getting better.

We’re doing all of this while I’m at my most busy at work.  Registration and scheduling for spring 18 are going on.  Lots of changes, problem solving, and stress at work means I need peace at home.  Right now, no peace just chaos.

This is where my crocheting comes in.  I’ve been working on a number of projects.  I finished an afghan, several headbands, and started a bandana.  This keeps me sane (ish) as it takes me away from the stress of both work and home.  It allows me to escape into my creative mind and work on patterns.  Right now I have several which I want to publish.

I keep telling myself it will get better.  I keep reminding myself it is the first weeks and I need to be patient.  However, the clutter is starting to wear on my nerves.  After I’m done in the office, I plan to hit the recliner and work on another pattern or three in order to calm and ease the stress of life right now.

Easy Sunday

Sunday I spent with Ken.  We watched movies and did very little else.  He picked me up some rope so I could try out a crochet technique, which I started last night.  It wasn’t the right size for the project I want to do but it gives me an idea of whether I will like the technique.

In the morning, I made microwave caramel which turned out pretty good.  I think I want to tweak the recipe a bit.  I also got coleslaw ready for lunches this week.  Ken made chicken on the grill for me and brats for him.  I had mine with munster cheese and canadian bacon.  It was quite good.

For supper, we had tacos.  Mine were grilled chicken and his were left over ground turkey.  It was quite good.  I wrote a scene in Wayfarer 10 and knew I wasn’t going to write more. I needed to do something different.  I worked with the rope to see how it would work up with this technique.

There was nothing big done but it was a good day.  We got a few smaller things done and enjoyed each other’s company.  One of those quiet and easy Sundays.


There are times when I’m exceedingly productive and accomplish everything I’ve set out and more.  This weekend has been one of those weekends.  I’ve finished the third graduation gift, pre-production work on another manuscript, and had time to chat with all my girls.  It has been a good weekend.
The graduation gifts are done.  I can set them aside until I get gift bags and wrap them up for my student workers.  Now I can focus on the two baby gifts I want to make.  Vicki asked me to make bibs for one of her co-workers so I’ll be doing those.  Plus I want to make something for my faculty who just adopted a sweet little girl. 
Moon Affirmations is nearly done.  I’m waiting on some illustrations and information from the illustrator.  Once I have those then I’ll be moving forward with that.  I keep thinking I’ll just start on the next document that I need to create for publishing but I know it is best to wait until Smashwords accepts the current document because then I know it is in good shape for the KDP.  It all builds from one to the next but in my excitement I want to jump forward to get more done.  My battle with myself for patience will be tempered with crocheting. 
I have coupons to go through before I head back to the recliner for crochet time.  Once the coupons are done I will probably be a bum the rest of the weekend with tv watching and crocheting. 
Recently I’ve watched The Butler and Philomena.  They were both very good movies.  Both are thinking movies rather than action.  In Philomena, Judi Dench was fabulous as an Irish woman looking for a baby the nuns adopted out.  It is based on a true story.  She did an amazing job and it is worth seeing.  The Butler was the same.  This man came from the south and became a butler at a hotel who was noticed by a white house staffer.  It was a good movie covering a large span of history both in the white house and in our country.  There were many stellar performances in there.
Tomorrow it is back to my day job and reality.  I’ve enjoyed my longer weekend and down time.  I feel better than I did last week and feel like I’ve accomplished what I needed to with taking Friday off.  I’m feeling less overwhelmed by work and more relaxed.  Apparently I have a warped sense of what R&R is supposed to be but if it worked that is all that matters.
Coming soon!  Moon Affirmations
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Yesterday I was on track and getting things done on my list.  I got folders created for projects and categories.  I got paperwork cleared off my desk, organized and put away.  I was on track.  Huge stacks of paperwork have been sorted and dealt with.  I’m down to just a few more.  I thought for sure I was going to complete the tasks at hand. 

Nope… I was corrupted.  First I was drawn away to have breakfast with my daughter.  Then she wanted to watch stuff on the DVR and it was stuff I wanted to watch so I might as well watch with her.  Then the UPS guy brought our new kindles.  After that I was a goner.

My daughter corrupted my determination to get all this stuff done.  She forced me to relax and spend time with her.  She made me cook for her.  She made me play with my kindle.  It was such a hardship… 🙂

In all honesty, I got a lot done even before she rolled out of bed.  However, I was also getting stressed out with each new decision.  Did I categorize these things right?  Oh yeah and I’m pretty sure by 10:30 my stomach was complaining that I’d not put anything of substance in it. 

Today we ran around everywhere.. or so it seemed.  We went to the next town over to pick up our friend and stop at the library.  Then to Madison to go to the doctor, book store, and out to lunch.  Then we came home and all I wanted was a nap. 

Here it is almost 11:30 at night and I’m trying to decide whether to work on my pile of paperwork or go to bed… I’m thinking bed will win out and I’ll hope that tomorrow will get me back on track with the paperwork… wait I think I promised to help the corrupting daughter organize some of her stuff… dang… will I ever finish my lists?