The Truth about Night

The Truth About Night by Amanda Arista Genre: Paranormal Mystery As an investigative journalist, Merci Lanard has an uncanny knack for getting the truth out of people, a talent she uses to expose the real story behind her city’s most gruesome crimes. Until one night, when her partner, Ethan, is killed. Reeling from shock and … Continue reading The Truth about Night

The Viola Valentine Mysteries

A Ghost of a Chance A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 1 by Cherie Claire Genre: Paranormal Mystery From award-winning novelist Cherie Claire comes a new paranormal mystery series. They say there are blessings from Hurricane Katrina. For Viola Valentine of New Orleans, it was losing her dead-end job and leaving behind a loveless marriage and … Continue reading The Viola Valentine Mysteries

Zia Westfield

Zia Westfield is the next contributor to Black Velvet Seductions Mystic Desire. Her short story is a paranormal shifter romance. Author Bio Zia Westfield creates suspenseful, exciting stories with romance at the heart of them. There is nothing more thrilling than watching two people fall in love despite the odds and the danger surrounding their every … Continue reading Zia Westfield

The Dreem Doctor Mysteries

And now here we are, outside the front door. What to do? Kiss him goodnight and go our separate ways for the evening? Or does he come upstairs with me? I’m calling the shots right now, that’s clear. As confident as he’s been tonight, it only goes so far. I know he wants to come upstairs, but I’m going to have to ask him. There’s a part of him that’s still trying to grasp the fact that I obviously like him as much as he does me. He’s not going to push his luck. Unless I push first. Well, what do I want to do? It’s easy, it’s obvious, there’s no question what I want to do. Except, if I’m being completely honest, I have to admit I am just a little bit nervous myself. If you told me last night that in less than twenty-four hours I’d be ready to go to bed with a guy I hadn’t even met yet, I’d have said you were crazy. But here we are and this is so completely not me, but at the same time it feels completely right. Besides, the truth is, unless I’m completely wrong about him we’re going to go upstairs sooner or later anyway. It’s just a question of when if it doesn’t happen tonight. But right at this moment, what I decide feels so important. This is going to sound totally ridiculous, but it feels like something out of a movie. You know what I mean, that moment when the music softens and the romantic leads are in the spotlight and everything else is forgotten; the whole world stops except for them.