Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface Secrets In Oak Creek Book 2 by B.K. Stubblefield Genre: Mystery, Romance “He clutched his head in his hands. His shoulders shook, but no sound came. Minutes stretched, interrupted only by the pop of burning wood.” Ryan Collins had it all – financial freedom, an exciting career, and attractive women. A favorite … Continue reading Beneath the Surface

The Sydney St. John Mysteries

Oklahoma Winds The Sydney St. John Mysteries Book 1 by Cary Osborne Genre: Mystery In Oklahoma, spring brings storms raging across the American prairie, too often spawning tornadoes that lash the land. But this spring Sydney St. John finds herself fighting for her life against another danger, one from the past. When her intern's body … Continue reading The Sydney St. John Mysteries

Mysteries and Strange Events

Mysteries and Strange Events – Nine Short Stories by Drew Jones Genre: Mystery Mysteries and Strange Events Volume One brings together an evocative debut collection of nine short stories from the author Drew Jones. They are fantastically wide ranging in subject, and includes Jaguar cars, railway accidents, strange salvage operations, commercial espionage, greed, science fiction … Continue reading Mysteries and Strange Events

All The Dirty Secrets

All the Dirty Secrets A Jake Carrington Thriller #4 by Marian Lanouette Genre: Mystery, Thriller Pub Date: 5/14/19 It’s a shocking blast from the past when homicide detective Jake Carrington finds himself investigating the last woman he’d suspect of murder . . . Recovering from a stab wound to the gut, and dealing with the … Continue reading All The Dirty Secrets

Don’t Lie to Me

Don't Lie To Me Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 1 by Willow Rose Genre: Mystery, Thriller When twelve-year-old Sophie Williams went on a Girl Scout summer camp, she never returned home. Three months later, her body is found inside her sleeping bag in the most frequented area of Cocoa Beach, and the town is outraged. … Continue reading Don’t Lie to Me

Dying on Edisto

Dying on Edisto The Edisto Island Mysteries Book 5 by C. Hope Clark Genre: Cozy Mystery One death. Two detectives. And unexpected backup. A Callie Morgan and Carolina Slade crossover! (A standalone mystery) When a renowned—and now dead—travel blogger washes ashore on the banks of Indigo Plantation, Police Chief Callie Morgan of Edisto Beach agrees … Continue reading Dying on Edisto

The Last Day for Rob Rhino

The Last Day for Rob Rhino by Kathleen O'Donnell Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery Claire’s a rich widow on a mission, who partakes with abandon from the pharmacy stored in her Prada purse. Rob’s an aging, hygiene-challenged porn star and reality show celebrity. Stuck on the same flight, bound for the same eccentric town, she hates … Continue reading The Last Day for Rob Rhino

Giacomo Giammatteo

Jim and I connected through Twitter. He gifted me a copy of No Mistakes Grammar Bites volume 1. I gave him a 4 star review and had this to say Giammatteo provides simple language to assist someone struggling with proper word usage. He uses simple techniques to help everyone understand how and when to use … Continue reading Giacomo Giammatteo

The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency

The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency by Marc Morgenstern Genre: YA, Teen Mystery Chas, Zoe, Xander, Nickie and Patricia and Sally make up the Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency. Even though they are only 12 years old, each one of them possess their own unique specialty. Patricia is a computer whiz, Zoe and Xander, the twins, are … Continue reading The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency

Judy Moore

Judy Moore and I connected through social media. I hope you enjoy her interview - I know I did! Author Bio Judy Moore writes mystery novels and thrillers, as well as lighter family fiction. She is a longtime news writer, editor, and magazine feature writer, and has a master's degree in journalism. Her fiction and … Continue reading Judy Moore