Michael – Risking Love Series

Michael - Olivia had spent enough time on memories of her ex-boyfriend’s abuse. She was going to put all of her efforts into her new business career. And try to convince her boss, Vice President Michael Evans, that the woman he’d been dating was nothing more than an opportunist and that she’d climb into bed … Continue reading Michael – Risking Love Series

Risking Love Series

Patrick book 1 Risking Love Series Jaq had no interest in a serious relationship because life at an early age had taught her that men weren't to be trusted. But she met Patrick who soon had her thinking about risking her heart. For Patrick the time for Jaq dating other men had ended. He wanted … Continue reading Risking Love Series


Eileen, thank you for having me as a guest on your wonderful blog. My latest novel Anthony (Risking Love Book Four) is available for pre-order and has a publication date of April 1. I’ve included the dedication to my mother in today’s blog to show you where some of my inspiration comes from when I’m … Continue reading Anthony


Thank you Eileen for having me on your wonderful blog on such an important day. The launch of Joseph.❤️ 🔥🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎂❤️ JOSEPH By Callie Carmen To celebrate the publication day of Joseph I decided that it would be fun to share chapter one with you. In this Risking Love series you meet the unique, beautiful, … Continue reading Joseph


🔥❤️COVER REVEAL JOSEPH Book Three in the Risking Love series ebook is on 99 cents until the BVS publication date on, November 14. Pick up your copy now! Find out why this automobile executive is everything that Violet wants but can't have. Read as a series or as a stand-alone. Link: Joseph by Callie Carmen … Continue reading Joseph

Callie Carmen

Callie interviewed with me back in March and I'm delighted to have her back. She's got more things to tell us and I know you'll enjoy her stories. She's got some great advice for new authors at the end of the interview too. Author Bio: I started in the book business as a bookstore manager … Continue reading Callie Carmen

Callie Carmen

I met Callie through Facebook as I was gathering in authors. I hope you'll enjoy her interview! Author Bio I gave up a rewarding career as a senior book buyer to become a stay-at-home Mom. I had come home from work one day, and I found that the caregiver taking care of our children had … Continue reading Callie Carmen