Madison Gonzalez

Madison and I connected through a post on Twitter. She’s a poet who uses words to convey a powerful message. From the few excerpts I’ve read, she’s quite talented.

Author Bio

Madison Gonzalez is an Empowerment Poet, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. A Leo. An INFP. A 7W2. Aside from her family holding her heart – she is a lover of celebrations, bubble-baths, detoxing, Merlot, the ocean, and of course, poetry. She turned to writing after her crippling battle with Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety following the birth of her son. She has known heartbreak but swears she is stronger for it. She uses writing as a way to heal – herself and others. Madison is a recovering perfectionist who preaches the value of self love and the value of sharing your story. She knows the importance of a light in the darkness and hopes she can use her voice to be that for others

Tell us about yourself.

I am an Indianapolis-based Empowerment Poet and Public Speaker. With a background in communication, my message highlights the value and importance sharing your story. I address topics of resilience, authenticity, self-acceptance, self-care, and self-love.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I knew I wanted to be an author when I realized how much writing healed me. One day I sat down and poetry began pouring out of me. When I couldn’t stop thinking in poetry – I knew I had to pursue it.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I spend most of my time reading poetry. I write poetry as well.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Adults and Young Adults

What is your current release or project?

Dear Mirror: A Poetic Journey of Self-Reflection and Empowerment

Tell us about the key characters

The main character is intended to be both the author and the reader. Dear Mirror is dedicated to anyone ready to finally recognize their reflection and strives to drive the point that we are all connected through struggle and triumph.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Broken into four parts Convex, Refraction, Concave, and Reflection, this collection of poetry and prose explores some of life’s most difficult challenges – mental health issues, relationship struggles, and societal standards.

Dear Mirror is a book of empowerment poetry that will guide the reader from a place of insecurity, darkness, heartbreak, and pain to discovering the true power that comes with hope, perseverance, and owning one’s true identity by embracing genuine self-acceptance and self-love.

Share an excerpt

The curtain opens to a place of darkness. A place of
convex distortion. A place of blame and insecurity.
A place of outward perspective and a lack of control.
Though, through a series of trials, heartbreaks, and
epiphanies, the story and the character begin to change –
the light begins to bend and refraction occurs. The story
twists to a concave, inward inspection. A claiming of
identity and responsibility. During the process of looking
within – a new strength is born. An unstoppable power
that cannot be shaken by the storms outside – not mental
health, not betrayal, not societal standards. The
foundation is strong because it is true – the crystal-clear
reflection of self that can’t be seen in any mirror; the most
powerful force on Earth.

That is very deep and meaningful. Beautiful! Do you have a favorite scene?

Inner Peace on Page 94 – the first poem in the final chapter, Reflection. This is the first poem of epiphany after the struggle experienced in the previous chapters.

What advice would you give a beginner?

First and foremost, write for yourself. Your message may not be for everybody but it is for somebody and that somebody needs to hear what you have to say. Stories outlive their tellers. Stories are your legacy. Don’t give up and don’t ever stop.

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Moments in Nature

Since the late 90s, I’ve been jotting poems down in all sorts of places and at all sorts of times.  Some of these have been published (see my credits page and my poetry page).  Poetry for me is something I get in a flash.  It is a word or phrase that sticks in my head and won’t go away until I write it down which of course leads to more words.  Poetry is experiencing some moment in my life whether in nature, life, or spiritual. 

After years of gathering these poems, I’ve decided to share these moments.  In looking at my two binders full of poetry, I picked out the nature ones first.  These are generally positive, uplifting, and descriptive.  They are about what I’ve seen or experienced while out in nature. 

Over time I plan to do more books of my poetry to make a series incorporating different aspects like spiritual moments, and moments in life.  Please go check out my latest publication. 

Moments in Nature is available:
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