Rape and Abortion

Rape is non-consensual sex.  This means if a woman says no or is incapable of choosing (i.e. is too drunk or high) to participate.  It does not matter what the victim was wearing, what the victim’s sexual history is, or if weapons are involved. 

Rape is not about sexual pleasure or fulfillment.  It is about having the power over the victim, degrading the victim, and subjugating the victim. 

GOP Candidate Akin made a foolish and archaic statement about “legitimate rape” and it shows the attitude the GOP tolerates.  Because they tolerate it, it is my opinion that they endorse this attitude towards women. 

Historically women have been treated as property.  We were traded to pay debt, sold into marriages to further men’s agendas, and we were not educated.  Here in the US we weren’t allowed a say in the political arena until the 20th century.  There still lingers this idea that women don’t know their own minds, bodies, and so on. 

There are places in our world that still hold these horrible and damaging beliefs and the practices that go with it.  Here in the US women need to stand up and say NO.  We have the power to vote.  We should get out and use that power.  We should show we won’t be held prisoner by the minority of men in this country and we will demand our rights. 

Here is the original video for Akin:


Here is a letter in response to his comments:


Here is the president’s response to Akin:


If we want to stop abortions in all except medically necessary cases then we need to be more supportive of the women who are pregnant.  This means safe and affordable birth control and health care.  This means education to dispel the myths and misconceptions so many have.  This means putting a stop to rape and if it does occur make it a harsh punishment rather than a slap on the wrist.  This means making the men as responsible for the child as women are.  This means giving support to the single mothers.  Women need to have the power and control of their lives in order to feel powerful enough to go through with pregnancy.