It just gets better and better.  The Supreme Court is supposed to be our highest level of justice.  They are supposed to be blind to all but the legal issue at hand.  Now though our State Supreme Court is filled with immoral and unethical people.  It is shocking to me that such people could make the court.  After such a quick decision in the collective bargaining case, I have my doubts about the impartiality of the court.  Then I hear a rumor and read a news story. 

There is a news story that our newly elected (you know the guy who – in my opinion – stole the election) choked one of the other Supreme Court Justices (http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/124551874.html).  This of course is just the news story and I’m sure it will denegrate into a he said she said situation and of course because women have so little value in our society people won’t believe her. 

Here’s the thing.  This man has admitted to calling the chief justice a bitch and threatening to destroy her.  Now this report comes out.  He says (from the article) that she attacked him and he was merely defending himself.  I don’t know about you but when someone attacks me I don’t put my hands around their neck to defend myself. 

This man needs to resign and apologize to the entire state of Wisconsin.  He does not represent what a good judge should be.  He does not appear to set aside politics and look at the legal issues.  He seems to be out of control and is turning violent.  This is not the type of person we need or want on the highest court in our state. 


The Supreme Court election is done and after a very suspicious surge from one county, Prosser has declared a victory.  That may sound like sour grapes because my candidate didn’t win but here are the issues I have.
A county clerk said she made a mistake in posting the results for her county.  She said she forgot to save the numbers for one city in Access.  Access is a database and automatically saves the information entered.  Experts in this program tried to have the entries not save and couldn’t make it happen.
This county clerk was given immunity by Prosser in a previous case of election fraud years ago.  I think she even worked for him at one point.  She has been criticized in the past for procedures during elections by the county board where she works. 
All of these factor into a huge question of whether Prosser actually won or if he or those who wanted him to win arranged for him to win. 
The only good thing is the margin by which he won is small enough that Kloppenburg can ask for a recount without having to pay a million dollars. 
Did Prosser win?  I don’t know.  It seems like there was some election misconduct or fraud.  Yes I know those are legal terms but that is how it seems.  I think that whoever oversees the elections should go into that county and investigate what happened.  I think the state should have a recount of that county because of the mishandling of the election.  From the news tonight it sounds like they are looking at her practices and so on. 
I’d like to see a recount.  I’m betting I’m not alone.  I hope JoAnne Kloppenburg asks for a recount.

Results are not in…

The State Supreme Court race is not decided yet.  From the numbers I’m seeing, it is anybody’s guess.  Some news stations are reporting Prosser is ahead and others Kloppenberg.  I think it is going to be a close one.  Ten minutes ago I looked at one site which showed 61% of the votes tallied with Prosser ahead by over 10,000 but I just hit refresh on the site and Kloppenberg is ahead with 66% of the vote in and about a 1,000 lead.  I literally just went back and they’ve flip flopped again with 68% of the votes counted with less than 1,000 votes difference. 

I checked the government site and couldn’t find any results but I think they won’t post until there is a final.  I’ve checked several sites and they are reporting different numbers so I guess it is a wait and see moment.

I just hit refresh on the one page and the results flipped over again.  I’m also reading that there were a record number of people turning out for this election.  Here’s the thing – the people being elected are going to have a HUGE influence over our lives.  Why aren’t we all going out and voting?  I think I heard 30% was high for an April election and we were supposed to hit that.  I don’t get this – these people are going to run our lives and have lasting affects on our lives.  Why isn’t every individual adult who is able and allowed getting their butts to the polls?  I say – you don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch.

Just as important as voting is being an informed voter.  You have to educate yourself about the people you are voting for.  I look at all sorts of sources.  I don’t listen to the ads.  You cannot trust them.  I do look at a variety of news sources (including the ones I don’t like) and I dig into as many sources as possible.  Oh and I have my middle daughter who is a news hound and can find out anything.  She helps me a LOT. 

I know it is work but you have to vote and you have to be informed.  Otherwise you are leaving the future of our state and country up to the 30% of people (or whatever the percent might be) who do go vote.

Hit refresh again and Kloppenberg is still on top – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.