Which End Is Up?

My goal has been to get more patterns published.  I submitted three patterns and one got accepted!  Yeah!  Last night I worked on a pattern and the pattern is complete I need to finish the crocheting so I can take a picture and submit the pattern. I have so many ideas for patterns right now … Continue reading Which End Is Up?

Submit or Else

This week I've submitted ten different articles / stories for publication.  Two have been rejected, one has been tentatively accepted, and the other seven I probably will never hear about again.  I wrote a rough draft for a new article I want to submit but I'll have to see if I have time to get … Continue reading Submit or Else

New – Last – Semester of Classes

In just under two weeks, I start my last two classes.  When this semester is done, I will have earned my second degree.  I'm both excited for this and a little sad.  I won't be crazy busy all the time once I'm done with this degree.  I looked at master's programs and none of them … Continue reading New – Last – Semester of Classes

New Publications – sort of…

I just discovered that three of my items have been published in books or on the kindle.  The one is a compilation of CC&D magazine into a book.  It is called Cultural Touchstone and is available on Amazon.  I have two poems in there.  In After the Apocalypse I have one poem (a duplicate of … Continue reading New Publications – sort of…